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Populist Dutch Lawmaker Guilty of Hate Speech

Geert Wilders convicted for inciting discrimination

(Newser) - A populist and anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker was found guilty Friday of insulting and inciting discrimination against Moroccans, a conviction that Geert Wilders slammed as a "shameful" attack on free speech and an attempt to "neutralize" him. Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court wouldn't impose a sentence because... More »

Easter Islanders Not as Isolated as Thought

Genetic data suggests travel to and from South America 20-plus generations ago

(Newser) - Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is such a remote speck of rock in the Pacific Ocean that it has been nicknamed "navel of the world." Yet a review of genetic data of 27 natives suggests the islanders made contact with outsiders hundreds of years before the first Europeans... More »

Putin's Daughter 'Flees' $3M Pad in Holland

Maria Putin was told that 'it's time you leave'

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin's daughter may be persona non grata in Holland, and you can imagine why. Maria Putin, 29, hasn't been seen around her posh riverside flat in a town outside of Amsterdam since Malaysia Flight 17 went down in Ukraine, with 193 Dutch people among the victims, the... More »

Dementia Patients Have Their Own Village

Dutch establishment lets dementia patients live normally

(Newser) - Imagine suffering from dementia while living a relatively normal life—cooking, cleaning, and going about your business. Well, elderly people in mental decline are experiencing just that at a so-called village in the town of Weesp, in Holland, reports Gizmodo . Called Dementia Village , it allows residents to go about their... More »

Dutch Judge: Pot Tourism Ban Goes Live on Tuesday

Coffee shop owners plan to appeal

(Newser) - Sorry, tourists, but it looks like the Netherlands is remaining firm on a ban that will prevent foreigners from buying pot in its famous cannabis cafes. A judge upheld the new law, due to go into effect in three southern provinces on May 1 and throughout the country by the... More »

Dutch Teen Sails 'Round the World

Laura Dekker completes voyage in Caribbean

(Newser) - Dutch teenager Laura Dekker sailed into the Caribbean harbor of St. Maarten to a cheering crowd today after circumnavigating the globe, the Telegraph reports. Controversies surround the 16-year-old sailor, who fled Holland in 2010 when officials tried to stop her voyage. Dekker claims to be the youngest round-the-world sailor, but... More »

Hostility Grows Over Dutch Blackface Xmas

Activists oppose 'Black Pete' Christmas character

(Newser) - One newcomer to the Netherlands says her worst faux pas is to question "Black Pete"—the little African slave who helps out Santa Claus. The Dutch react "in anger and frustration," and even defend their tradition of dressing up publicly in blackface, writes Jessica Olien on... More »

Dutch Banning Tourists From Buying Pot

Coffee shops to become Dutch-only establishments

(Newser) - The hazy days of drug tourism in Holland are numbered. The Dutch government has unveiled plans to ban foreigners from buying cannabis in the country's famous coffee shops, reports the Los Angeles Times . The coalition government's plan, backed by Geert Wilders' far-right party, requires the shops to become... More »

Girl, 12, Gives Birth on School Trip

She didn't know she was pregnant, says official

(Newser) - A 12-year-old student started her day on a Dutch field trip as a girl and ended it as a mother. The girl suddenly suffered severe stomach pains on the outing, and arriving paramedics discovered she was about to give birth, reports the Telegraph . Both the pre-teen mom and baby are... More »

Church Cries Foul on Dutch Soccer Mass

Pastor suspended after praying for Holland to beat Spain

(Newser) - A Dutch priest is in hot water for praying— in vain —that the Netherlands would defeat Spain at a Mass celebrated the day of the World Cup final, reports the BBC . Paul Vlaar decorated his church in the team color, orange; wore orange and white vestments; and played along... More »

Cops Probe Van der Sloot Links to Thai Sex Trade: Enquirer

Murder suspect allegedly brought girls to Holland for prostitution

(Newser) - Thai authorities are investigating allegations that Joran Van der Sloot tried to get involved in human trafficking, reports the National Enquirer . Van Der Sloot, 22, allegedly posed as a model scout while living in Bangkok, where a Dutch journalist set up a sting and busted him. "He promised they'd... More »

Why You Must Root for Spain

The Dutch are 'gorgeous losers,' so let's keep it that way

(Newser) - Brian Phillips is pulling for Spain to win Sunday's World Cup. Or, more precisely, he's pulling for the Netherlands to lose, for the good of the sport and its traditions. Holland's teams, he explains, "are soccer's most gorgeous losers." They earned this stamp in the 1970s, when their... More »

Van der Sloot: I'm a Snake

The strange journey of boy who wanted 'to be a lion'

(Newser) - Joran Van der Sloot knows something that shouldn't surprise anyone: "If I had to describe myself as an animal, it would be a snake," he has revealed on YouTube. But he has higher aspirations. "I want to be a lion and one day I will be a... More »

Far-Right Triumph In Dutch Polls

Geert Wilders on course to win power in the Netherlands

(Newser) - Anti-immigration, anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is on course to become Holland's next prime minister after his party's unexpectedly strong showing in municipal elections this week. The Freedom Party only chose to compete in two cities and came in first in Almere and a close second in the Hague. Many now... More »

Cops Dismiss New Natalee Holloway Confession

Suspect says he dumped her body

(Newser) - The young Dutchman who has been arrested twice in connection with the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005 is on tape confessing to dumping her body—but the prosecutor doesn’t believe him. Joran van der Sloot’s claim that he disposed of her body “... More »

Only Footage of Anne Frank Hits YouTube

Film of neighbor's wedding in 1941 was given to Holocaust victim's family in the 50s

(Newser) - The Anne Frank House has posted the only surviving video of the young diarist and Holocaust victim on YouTube. “The footage is very moving and very unique because these are the only moving images of Anne Frank,” a museum representative tells the Guardian. The film, of an Amsterdam... More »

New York, Age 400, Looks Back to Holland

Exhibition features letter signaling founding of Manhattan

(Newser) - Today is an unhappy date in New York, but tomorrow is a much more joyous anniversary—on Sept. 12, 1609, Henry Hudson sailed up the river that now bears his name, leading to the founding of New Amsterdam. The Dutch royal family will visit for the anniversary, and two historical... More »

Dutch Museum's 'Moon Rock' an Out-of-This-World Fake

Gift from NASA is just petrified wood, tests reveal

(Newser) - A “moon rock” exhibited at the Dutch national museum is actually petrified wood, the BBC reports. The three Apollo 11 astronauts gave the object to former PM Willem Drees on a tour following their 1969 moon mission; NASA shared similar artifacts with more than 100 other countries. The purported... More »

Dutch Abortion Ship Hits Rough Waters

(Newser) - A change in the law is threatening to scuttle a Dutch ship's mission to provide abortions to women throughout the world, reports the Independent. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts has delivered "abortion pills" that cause miscarriages to women in nations where abortion is illegal. She has skirted local laws by docking... More »

Amsterdam's 'Beer Bikes' Drive Into Trouble

(Newser) - “Beer bikes”—party vehicles that combine two of Amsterdam's favorite things—are under scrutiny after two recent accidents involving the gizmos, Reuters reports. Each large conveyance seats 10 peddlers at a central bar while a non-drinker steers. “This beer bike is completely legal,” said a transport... More »

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