Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

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Gaming Causes Joint Pain in Kids: Study

Child scientist finds 60+ minutes of daily play may cause trouble

(Newser) - The repetitive motions involved in playing video games cause joint pain in children, according to a new study by a true expert—an 11-year-old gamer. Deniz Ince, with the help of his rheumatologist dad, studied joint pain among his fellow video game enthusiasts, aged 7 to 12. More than an... More »

Marketer Says He's Nailed a Nasty Habit

'The preventer' will cure nail biting in four weeks, inventor vows

(Newser) - A Dutch marketer says he can cure the pernicious problem of nail biting in under a month with the “preventer,” a tooth guard that’s molded to fit either the upper or lower teeth and makes it impossible to bite. “The impulse disturbance is so frustrated that... More »

2 Stories