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Booming Instagram Business: Pushing 'Teatox'

It's a lucrative scramble for those pushing the countless varieties

(Newser) - Anyone who's spent a little time on Instagram has likely encountered some kind of ad pushing tea that promises to detoxify your body and help you shed a few pounds to boot. Maybe Flat Tummy Tea or Lyfe Tea or My Beauty Tea or Fit Tea, or ... and on... More »

Kate Moss Was Wasted on Flight: Passengers

Witnesses claim model didn't have ticket, was 'clearly inebriated' at Turkish airport

(Newser) - News about Kate Moss has been as scarce as the clothing she wasn't wearing in Playboy last year, but she made headlines at a Turkish airport on Monday. A witness at Bodrum Airport tells the Daily Mail that the 40-year-old supermodel appeared to wheedle her way into boarding the... More »

Hoffman Went to Rehab for Snorting Heroin

Actor says he checked himself into detox for 10 days

(Newser) - In the world of celebrity rehab, Philip Seymour Hoffman's self-imposed stay at a detox center this month falls into the hard-core category: He tells TMZ he had been snorting heroin. The Oscar winner says he had kicked a substance abuse problem for more than two decades but lapsed about... More »

Vietnam's Agent Orange Victims Get Scientology Detox

But doctors skeptical about detoxification program

(Newser) - In an attempt to detoxify people exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government is relying on … L. Ron Hubbard. The Church of Scientology founder developed a detoxification method espoused by Tom Cruise and other bigwig Scientologists. The "Purification Rundown" or "Hubbard method" involves... More »

Post-Holiday Detox Does 'More Harm Than Good'

'Janopause' leads to excessive drinking afterwards: doctors

(Newser) - Planning to go cold turkey after some heavy holiday boozing? British doctors warn it may do more harm than good, the Daily Mail reports. The so-called "Janopause"—a month of forced sobriety after New Year's—often leads to excessive drinking from February onward. "You’re better... More »

What a $5,600-a-Week Luxury Detox Is Like

Painful at first, but by the end...

(Newser) - On the first day of her $5,600-per-week stay at a ritzy Malibu detox ranch, Christina Binkley was awakened at 5:30am to do yoga, eat a tiny frittata, and then go on a 12-mile hike. "The scenery was gorgeous," she writes in the Wall Street Journal , but... More »

Brown Rumors Old News: Manager's Dad

Plus, reality acts fight over Jacko, and more

(Newser) - Two British reality talent-show acts nearly came to blows in their competition to open for Michael Jackson’s London shows, the Mirror reports. It may be a moot point, the New York Post adds—so far, no one is willing to insure the July concerts. Elsewhere:
  • The father of Chris
... More »

Pre-Pregnancy Scientology Diet Saps Katie

Actress on detox diet to help conceive second baby

(Newser) - Why did Katie Holmes really skip the Oscars? It wasn’t for work, the Mail reports, but because of a detox diet that left her drained. The diet, which consists of herbal drinks, is recommended by Scientology to aid conception—and Holmes and husband Tom Cruise are ready for a... More »

Diet Books for a Skinny 2009

Menu: Lemon juice, meditation, and a lunchbox of meat

(Newser) - Another year, another diet book. What's new? The Wall Street Journal dishes the skinny—and the zany—for 2009:
  • I Can Make You Thinner, Paul McKenna: Train your brain to only eat when hungry (hypnosis cd included).
  • The Lemon Juice Diet, Teresa Cheung: The initial recipe—lemon juice, water, maple
... More »

Detox is Second (or Only) Home for These Addicts

Repeat patients who use it as refuge are costing New York millions

(Newser) - Drug addicts who check into New York hospital detox units dozens of times per year cost the state more than $300 million annually. These frequent fliers are often homeless or mentally ill people who see detox as a source of food and housing. People use it instead of the shelter... More »

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