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Teacher Says She Got Fired for Giving Zeros

Diane Tirado refused to follow the 'no zero' policy

(Newser) - Should students get something for nothing? Diane Tirado doesn't think so, and claims she got fired for it. The 52-year-old teacher says West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie, Fla., let her go when she refused to give students a half-credit for handing in nothing, CBS 12 reports.... More »

Palestinian Teacher Wins $1M Prize

Hanan al-Hroub preaches non-violence at West Bank primary school

(Newser) - A Palestinian teacher who grew up in a refugee camp and educates her students about non-violence won the second annual Global Teacher Prize, a $1 million prize for teaching excellence, beating out 8,000 applicants from around the world. Hanan al-Hroub, a primary school teacher in the West Bank just... More »

Professors Aren't Doing Their Jobs— and Students Aren't Asking Them To

English professor Mark Bauerlein sees the role of mentor fading

(Newser) - In 1967, when students were asked about their goals for college, 86% pointed to "developing a meaningful philosophy of life," while less than half as many said "being very well off financially." These days, 82% are interested in the latter, while just 45% take the "... More »

What It's Like to Be an Adjunct Prof With a Grocery Job

Matt Debenham spends his mornings at the store before heading to campuses

(Newser) - Being an adjunct professor isn't an easy job , nor is it a steady one—and it's certainly not lucrative. "Sometimes I think I did everything wrong" in leaving work in PR to focus on teaching, writes Matt Debenham at Buzzfeed . But while "there are a lot... More »

US Teacher Wins $1M Prize, Plans to Give It Away

Nancie Atwell, 63, calls Global Teaching Prize 'a miracle'

(Newser) - A US teacher who prefers reading and self-expression to standardized testing has won a $1 million prize, and plans to donate the entire thing—to a school she founded in Maine 25 years ago, USA Today reports. Nancie Atwell, 63, heard the good news today at a ceremony in Dubai... More »

Without French Teacher, School Uses Rosetta Stone

Parents in Quebec district aren't thrilled

(Newser) - A Quebec mom recently noticed her 11th-grade son hadn't had any French homework lately, and when she asked him what was up, she was more than a little surprised at his reply. "Of course we don't have homework, we don't even have a teacher," Andrew... More »

Why College Adjuncts Are Walking Out Today

National Adjunct Walkout Day aims to draw attention to teachers' plight

(Newser) - Adjunct instructors struggle with lower pay and far less job security than their tenured counterparts, and today, they plan to take a stand against it: It's National Adjunct Walkout Day, Inside Higher Ed reports. The walkout was conceived by an anonymous adjunct at San Jose State University in October,... More »

Firearms Instructor Shoots Himself During Gun Lesson

11-year police veteran was teaching family members

(Newser) - If making mistakes is best way to learn, Texas firearms instructor Sgt. Heath Vanek gave his family members a great lesson last month. The Hewitt Police Department officer was teaching them to shoot, and while showing them how to clear the chamber of a jammed semi-automatic … he shot himself... More »

'Second-Class' Professors Seek Fairer Wages

Adjunct professors get few benefits

(Newser) - Even within the ivory tower of academia, many feel a sharp class divide: While tenured professors have job security and, often, six-figure pay, adjunct professors can see their courses dropped at any time and may be paid a relative pittance. "To students, everyone is just 'professor,'"... More »

Teach for America Fails Teachers

Olivia Blanchard explains why she quit after one year

(Newser) - Like all Teach for America teachers, Olivia Blanchard made a two-year commitment to the program—but she quit after just one, and in the Atlantic she explains why. TFA's five-week training program simply can't compare to the years of training and student teaching non-TFA teachers go through—and... More »

Grad School Offers Groupon Deal on Tuition

At least for one $2,232 teaching course, which will go for $950

(Newser) - Is Groupon the future of financial aid? Probably not, but National Louis University is taking the site for a spin, offering prospective grad students almost 60% off its introduction to teaching course, the Chicago Tribune reports. The course is specifically designed for Groupon, and assumes students have no prior teaching... More »

US Teacher Training Gets 'F' From Panel

Would-be teachers should spend more time in the classroom, say experts

(Newser) - In a scathing indictment of current US teacher-training standards, a panel of education experts has called for sweeping changes to teacher preparation programs. In emphasizing the need for a dramatic overhaul, an education expert stated that “we need large, bold, systematic changes”: To wit, the panel, which spent 10... More »

Teacher Wins $225K After Losing Voice

Vocal chords damaged after working in noisy classroom

(Newser) - A British teacher ruined her voice while struggling to make herself heard in a noisy classroom—and has been awarded $225,000 in compensation. Joyce Walters developed nodules on her vocal chords and had to give up teaching after working in an adult education center that placed her in a... More »

How to Spot Great Teachers

Teach for America sheds light on two decades of insight

(Newser) - Teach for America is opening its books on 20 years of trial and error in figuring out what makes some teachers great and others complete busts. As it screens college applicants, it now pays special attention to two characteristics: perseverance and life satisfaction. By perseverance, it means "not just... More »

Why Millenials Are Quitting Teaching

(Newser) - Sarah Fine arrived to teach at an inner-city school 4 years ago, ready to “‘give back’ after spending 22 years in a suburban, Ivy League bubble,” she writes in the Washington Post. Now, like so many other young teachers, she’s leaving—not just because she’s... More »

Ditch 'i Before e Except After c' Rule: Brits

Ditty 'not worth teaching,' government says

(Newser) - Generations of frustrated schoolchildren have grumbled that “i before e except after c” isn’t worth learning because of numerous exceptions. Now the British government agrees, the BBC reports. In a document sent to 13,000 primary schools, officials say the ditty “is not worth teaching” because it’... More »

Disney Schools Bring Mickey Into Chinese Classrooms

Disney English centers teach Chinese kids new words—and new Disney characters

(Newser) - Mickey Mouse and his cohorts are moving into China’s huge English-teaching market, reports the Wall Street Journal. Disney English centers teach kids as young as 2 the basics of the language with the help of Disney character-themed lessons and “magic tokens” that can be swapped for Disney merchandise... More »

In Recession, Teaching, Service Hot Jobs for Grads

Recession will effect talent flow for years to come

(Newser) - The dream of pulling in big bucks just out of college at a prestigious Wall Street job is fading in the face of the recession, and early signs point to public service, government, science, and education as today's emerging hot industries, reports the New York Times. The economy, combined with... More »

UK Teachers: Ban Homework for Kids Under 11

(Newser) - A British teachers’ group thinks homework for children under 11 is a waste of time for all involved, the Telegraph reports. It can “damage parents and children's relationships when trying to get it all done, and ends in tears all round,” the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said.... More »

In Classroom, Twitter Trumps the Queen

Proposed UK curriculum focuses on learning skills, flexibility

(Newser) - Why learn about World War II or Queen Victoria in elementary school when you can always look them up on Wikipedia? That seems to be the rationale behind a new proposed overhaul of the British school system. Because secondary schools teach plenty of history, the reasoning goes, early schooling should... More »

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