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Suharto Leaves Complex Legacy

Corrupt, cruel--and fondly remembered

(Newser) - The death of Suharto, Indonesia's ferociously anti-communist dictator for more than 30 years, leaves islanders ambivalent: On the one hand, he created economic prosperity; on the other, he enriched himself and his cronies, and brutally suppressed opponents, leaving hundreds of thousands imprisoned or dead. "He was 50% good and... More »

Indonesia Mourns Suharto

Former dictator's sins take backseat as nation grieves

(Newser) - Suharto's critics kept quiet today as Indonesia mourned the former dictator on the streets and around TVs, the New York Times reports. Crowds swarmed an ambulance transporting his body, television channels ran nostalgic accounts of his life, and President Susilo Yudhoyono called on the nation to pray for Suharto, saying,... More »

Indonesia's Suharto Dies at Age 86

Ruled for 32 years; resigned amid corruption, human rights charges

(Newser) - Former Indonesian president Suharto, a US Cold War ally whose legacy of economic development was marred by charges of human rights abuses and corruption, died today of organ failure at 86, Reuters reports. Suharto ruled for 32 years until being forced out in 1998; his deteriorating health prevented him from... More »

Suharto Suffers Multiple Organ Failure

Former Indonesian dictator takes critical turn for the worse

(Newser) - Longtime Indonesian dictator Suharto's health worsened yesterday as he suffered multiple organ failure. Suharto's condition improved slightly as workers rushed to prepare for what they believed to be his imminent funeral, AFP  reports. Suharto, 86, was forced from power a decade ago after ruling Indonesia with an iron fist for... More »

Indonesia's Suharto in Critical Condition

Former leader's health deteriorating

(Newser) - Suharto, the man who ruled Indonesia with a ruthless resolve for 32 years, is in critical condition with a variety of ailments, BBC reports. President Yudhoyono visited Suharto, who is said to be conscious but drowsy, and told the country to “pray for the best.” The 86-year-old is... More »

'Time' Loses Suharto Lawsuit

(Newser) - Time must pay former Indonesian dictator Suharto $106 million over a 1999 article that defamed him, that country's highest court ruled today. The ruling, over a story that claimed Suharto stole some $73 billion during his bloody rule that spanned four decades, comes after lower courts twice ruled in Time's... More »

6 Stories