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Hamas Promises New, More Deadly Attacks

Dismisses peace effort, joins with 12 other groups

(Newser) - Hamas angrily decried the renewed Middle East peace talks yesterday, promising a new wave of “more effective attacks” against Israel. Hamas said it would coordinate with 12 other armed groups, including Islamic Jihad, to carry out this new wave of violence, al Jazeera reports. “We reject completely …... More »

Israelis Near Gaza See Slim— or No—Victory

Residents still fear rockets, think war should have continued

(Newser) - When Israel began its raid of the Gaza Strip three weeks ago, the government said its goal was to end rocket attacks and sniper fire into the country's south. Polls show that most Israelis supported the war, despite the staggering civilian casualties. But in interviews with farmers and other residents... More »

Israel Fears Rocket Attack on Nuke Plant

Size, sophistication of Hamas rocket arsenal shocks Israeli security forces

(Newser) - Israeli officials, shaken by the size and sophistication of Hamas' rocket arsenal, fear the country's nuclear center at Dimona may be targeted, the Times of London reports. The group's new, more accurate, Grad missiles, smuggled in by land and sea, can penetrate significantly farther into Israel than the crude, home-made... More »

Livni Threatens Hamas as Rockets Fall on Israel

In Cairo, foreign minister says Israel will 'do everything necessary'

(Newser) - Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister, said today that her country would "do everything necessary" to fight Gaza militants, as four rockets landed near kibbutzes in the Negev. The chief diplomat and PM candidate met with Eygptian president Hosni Mubarak, who urged both sides to restrain themselves. Yesterday Hamas... More »

Israel Scales Back Gaza Offensive

Hamas rocket attacks slow, but Israelis say fighting isn't over

(Newser) - Israel is reining in its Gaza offensive after seeing a big reduction in cross-border rocket fire over the weekend, the BBC reports. But Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said there was no truce in place. “The fighting is ongoing and will at times increase or decrease,” he said,... More »

Rocket Attack Wounds Scores of Israeli Troops

Predawn strike hits tent in Gaza boot camp

(Newser) - At least 66 Israeli soldiers were wounded by a Qassam rocket fired into Israeli territory from inside the Gaza strip early today. The missile struck a tent in an Israeli basic training camp in the northern Negev desert near the community of Kibbutz Zikkim, reports Ha'aretz. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility... More »

6 Stories