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18 Palestinians Dead in Israeli Strikes

Israel keeps schools closed as citizens huddle in bomb shelters

(Newser) - Gaza and Israel continued to exchange rocket attacks for air strikes this weekend, leaving 18 Palestinians dead, four Israelis wounded, and world leaders weighing in on the latest round of Middle East violence, the Guardian reports. On the Israeli side, schools were kept closed and thousands of civilians spent hours... More »

Hamas Promises New, More Deadly Attacks

Dismisses peace effort, joins with 12 other groups

(Newser) - Hamas angrily decried the renewed Middle East peace talks yesterday, promising a new wave of “more effective attacks” against Israel. Hamas said it would coordinate with 12 other armed groups, including Islamic Jihad, to carry out this new wave of violence, al Jazeera reports. “We reject completely …... More »

Israel Strikes Gaza After 'Barrel Bombs' Wash Up

Militants claim responsibility for explosives-laden barrels

(Newser) - Israeli jets fired on tunnels along Gaza's border with Egypt yesterday, the day after two explosive-laden barrels washed up on Israeli beaches. Israeli authorities have closed a a 25-mile stretch of coastline north of Gaza indefinitely while they search for more barrel bombs. "We are not taking any chances,... More »

5 Missing US Students Arrested in Pakistan

One left video farewell endorsing jihad

(Newser) - Five American men arrested by the Pakistani military are likely the same group that disappeared from the Washington area last month. One of the men left behind a farewell video that endorses Islamic jihad, officials said. The men, aged 18-20, all suddenly left their homes, prompting their families to alert... More »

Yemeni Attackers Aimed to Slaughter US Diplomats

Sophisticated plan raises fears of al-Qaeda revival

(Newser) - Islamic militants who attacked the US embassy in Yemen yesterday planned to massacre all the Americans in the compound, a security source tells Time. The attackers intended to pass a checkpoint disguised as guards and then blow up the gate with a vehicle, clearing the way for a second carload... More »

Attack on US Embassy in Yemen Kills 16

'Multiple casualties' in car bomb blast at gates

(Newser) - A car bomb at the gates of the American embassy in Yemen has caused at least 16 casualties, a US spokesman inside the embassy told AP.  Two car bombs were followed by a gun battle between attackers and guards, said Yemeni officials. Hundreds of heavily armed troops have now... More »

US Victims of Attacks in Israel Sue Swiss Bank

UBS gave Iran money it knew would support terrorism, suit says

(Newser) - American victims of attacks in Israel are suing Switzerland's biggest bank for helping fund militants by providing money to Iran, Reuters reports. The lawsuit says UBS AG gave loans to Iran even though it supports Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. The plaintiffs seek $500 million in damages for some 50... More »

Palestinian Factions OK Israel Truce Proposal

Egyptians now will try to convince Jewish state on proposal

(Newser) - Twelve Palestinian militant groups have agreed to a proposal for a truce with Israel, already backed by Hamas and Fatah. Egypt, mediating talks, will now try to sell the plan to Israel, AFP reports. The proposal calls for a "comprehensive, simultaneous, and reciprocal period of calm to be applied... More »

Islamic Groups Reject Truce in Egypt Peace Talks

Islamic Jihad, Hamas want more concessions before truce with Israel

(Newser) - Egypt’s talks with Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, aimed at establishing a truce with Israel, ended unsuccessfully today, Reuters reports. The militant groups demanded Israel stop Gaza and West Bank raids, end its Gaza blockade, and reopen border-crossings. Hamas and Israel already appear to have instituted a... More »

Jihad Rockets Hit Israel After Raid

Moratorium collapses

(Newser) - A week-long moratorium on rocket attacks in Israel exploded today when the militant group Islamic Jihad fired two rockets into the town of Sderot on the Gaza border. Nobody was injured in the attack. The radical Palestinian group claims its rocket launch was in retaliation for a raid by the... More »

Saddam Had No Links to Al-Qaeda: Pentagon Study

Iraq invasion justification again called into question

(Newser) - A Pentagon-sponsored study of captured Iraqi intelligence archives has been unable to find a single operational link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden or his al-Qaeda network, reports the McClatchy newspapers. The study will be released this week and is expected to refuel debate over the US justification for... More »

Egypt Hosts Gaza Truce Talks

Arab bulwark pitches ceasefire to Hamas, Islamic Jihad

(Newser) - Egypt has begun talks with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in an attempt to broker an end to rocket attacks on Israel and retaliatory Israeli raids in Gaza, Reuters reports. A ceasefire would make it easier for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to resume peace talks with Israel. Leaders of the groups... More »

Terror Leader Killed in Gaza

Israeli military denies involvement in death of Palestinian Islamic Jihad chieftain

(Newser) - A leading member of terrorist group Islamic Jihad was killed today in the Gaza Strip, Reuters reports. Ayman Fayed and at least seven others were killed in an explosion that leveled a house where Fayed was staying. The Israeli army denied involvement, but Palestinian leaders saw the attack as Israel... More »

Padilla Sentenced to 17 Years

Federal prosecutors will appeal for more prison time

(Newser) - A federal judge sentenced Jose Padilla to 17 years and 4 months today following his conviction for conspiring to commit murder and otherwise aid Islamic terrorists around the world, the Miami Herald reports. Although the court invoked “terrorism enhancement” to lengthen the sentences of Padilla and his two co-conspirators,... More »

Hamas Seeks Israeli Ceasefire

In unusual call to Israeli media, PM asks for end to strikes in Gaza

(Newser) - The leader of Gaza’s Hamas party, weary of months of Israeli airstrikes and sanctions, has appealed for a ceasefire through Israeli media, the AP reports. "The occupation should stop its attacks and siege." In return, Hamas PM Ismail Haniya said in an unprecedented phone call to an... More »

Israeli Airstrikes Kill 13 in Gaza

Biggest offensive in months against militants

(Newser) - Israeli airstrikes rained down on Gaza militants today, killing at least 13 in a series of separate attacks, Reuters reports. It was the country’s most intense offensive in months, a response to the frequent but largely ineffectual rocket attacks lobbed across the border. In response, militants threatened a round... More »

Online Jihad Seeks Western Converts

Turning Iraq footage into hip-hop videos is one recruiting tool

(Newser) - Jihadists have long used the internet to spread their message, but now a growing number of Western-based extremists are tapping into a Western audience by giving the message a pop-culture twist, the Times reports. They act as middlemen, translating newsletters and relaying videos from militant Islamic leaders; they also turn... More »

Rocket Attack Wounds Scores of Israeli Troops

Predawn strike hits tent in Gaza boot camp

(Newser) - At least 66 Israeli soldiers were wounded by a Qassam rocket fired into Israeli territory from inside the Gaza strip early today. The missile struck a tent in an Israeli basic training camp in the northern Negev desert near the community of Kibbutz Zikkim, reports Ha'aretz. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility... More »

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