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Newsweek: Americans Will Work for 25 Cents an Hour

Rate lower than Philippines, India, mag finds in experiment

(Newser) - The minimum wage in America may officially be $7.25, but in fact there are Americans willing to work online for as little as 25 cents per hour—a fraction of the amount residents of Germany ($3), the Philippines ($2.25), and even India ($1) agreed to toil for. Or... More »

Surfers Scour Google Earth for Signs of Aviator

Internet volunteer army pores over photos in Fossett search

(Newser) - An army of web surfers—even the guy in the next cubicle—has joined the search for missing aviator Steve Fossett. Google Earth has released fresh images of the Nevada desert, and surfers can scour chunks of wilderness for aircraft wreckage. One problem: "We're finding them left and right—... More »

2 Stories