Falun Gong

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China Nixes Chinese Democracy

Album title means new G'n'R record faces wall of Chinese censorship

(Newser) - China's government-owned music monopoly has told record stores not to waste their time trying to order the first new Guns N' Roses album in 17 years, the Wall Street Journal reports. Officials say the title alone—Chinese Democracy—would probably be enough to doom it, but a reference to the... More »

Protesters Disrupt Olympic Torch Exchange

Demonstrators try to block torch as it passes from Greeks to Chinese; 10 arrested

(Newser) - Protesters against China’s Tibet crackdown shook up today’s Olympic torch hand-off in Athens, the New York Times reports. Some 15 people dodged security to fly banners and shout “Free Tibet” as they tried to block Greek officials from passing the flame to Beijing authorities. Ten were nabbed... More »

Network Beams Dissidence Into China

Satellite TV station part of media blitz by outlawed Falun Gong

(Newser) - A US-based satellite TV station staffed mainly by members of spiritual movement Falun Gong is broadcasting a dissident message into China, the Wall Street Journal reports. With Falun Gong called an "evil cult" and outlawed by the Chinese government, its members have started New Tang Dynasty, a radio station,... More »

3 Stories