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Drafting a QB #1 Is Pricey Gamble

Peyton Manning was only sure-thing No. 1, coaches say

(Newser) - In less than two weeks, the Miami Dolphins will make the first overall pick of the 2008 NFL draft—and Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan is the likely candidate, the Houston Chronicle reports. Seven of the past nine No. 1s have been QBs, but for every Carson Palmer there's a... More »

Nolan Nabs Martz to Run 49ers Offense

Mastermind will attempt to resuscitate league's most impotent attack

(Newser) - San Francisco set the standard in 2007 for offensive moribundity, but that may change next year; the San Francisco Chronicle reports that coach Mike Nolan hired offensive whiz Mike Martz to revamp a unit that trailed the league in scoring and yards. In two seasons, Martz had coaxed the previously... More »

49ers Get Nothing in 'Hawks Win

San Francisco's 7th straight loss is a 24-0 blowout for Seattle

(Newser) - The 49ers and Seahawks each had two turnovers in last night's matchup, and that was the only equal stat in an embarrassingly lopsided game. The Seahawks, who won 24-0, racked up twice as many yards and controlled the ball twice as long as the Niners, who had just one first... More »

Niners Battle Back in Nail-Biter

San Francisco bags improbable 20-17 win over Cardinals

(Newser) - The 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals last night for the first time since 2004, successfully converting a last-minute fumble by (their own) wide receiver Arnaz Battle. Battle recovered the fumble and zig-zagged it into the end zone with 22 seconds on the clock to cap a riveting final drive and... More »

4 Stories