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The Best Athlete on the Planet

WSJ panel picks Czech decathlete Sebrle to represent Earth at Intergalactic Games

(Newser) - If Earth could only send one guy to a galactic Olympics, who would it be? The Wall Street Journal had a panel of sports experts hash it out, and its top 10 might surprise:
  1. Roman Sebrle: Czech decathlon champion wins on versatility.
  2. LeBron James: What can’t the NBA star
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US Soccer Team Keeps up with the Big Boys

American players show flashes of brilliance in 4-2 loss against Brazil

(Newser) - Despite a lopsided 4-2 score, the American men's soccer team played Brazil hard in an exhibition match at Chicago's Soldier Field. Carlos Bocanegra struck first in the 23rd minute, and Clint Dempsey's opposite-post goal tied the score 2-2 in the 73rd. Brazilian phenom Ronaldinho gave Brazil the go-ahead score two... More »

2 Stories