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Get Ready for Sarah Palin's Rogue TV

New channel to offer 'video version of her Facebook page'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin fans could soon be seeing a lot more of the former governor—if they're willing to pay $10 a month. "Rogue TV" is the tentative name for Palin's upcoming network, which will be offered starting in April or May through subscription digital video service Tapp.... More »

60% of YouTube Channels May Lose Funding

Google readies overhaul based on viewership

(Newser) - YouTube channels are facing a reckoning: As it seeks to make the site more television-like, Google is launching a second round of investments in YouTube channels—but only 30% to 40% are likely to get a new installment of cash, an exec tells Advertising Age . At the moment, YouTube has... More »

McDonald's Launches Own TV Channel

Already grabbing ginormous audience in Southwest

(Newser) - Bored with merely eating and talking when you indulge in a McDonald's visit? Soon you'll be able to watch TV—that is, McTV. The mega-fast-food chain is launching its own exclusive channel, McDonald's Television, with corporate-approved content like entertainment news, advertising, and bits on local moms and... More »

Ancient Israeli Tunnel Found

Israeli archaeologists uncover tunnel Jews used to escape ancient Romans

(Newser) - While searching for the ancient main road of Jerusalem, Israeli archaeologists stumbled upon a 2,000-year-old tunnel that residents used to escape Roman invaders destroying the Second Temple. The tunnel was originally used to drain rain water and prevent flooding, and its discovery is doubly significant, the AP reports, because... More »

4 Stories