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Deputy AG: NSA 'Probably' Has Congress' Call Data

Lawmakers lambaste deputy attorney general James Cole

(Newser) - Just how sweeping is the NSA's data collection? So sweeping that it likely includes members of Congress and President Obama himself, Deputy Attorney General James Cole conceded yesterday. In a contentious Judiciary Committee hearing, Darrell Issa asked Cole directly if the government collected data on numbers beginning with (202)... More »

Jon Stewart: NRA Is Punking Us

'Daily Show' host thinks ad is a Joaquin Phoenix-style hoax

(Newser) - Jon Stewart took one look at yesterday's NRA ad calling President Obama a hypocrite over armed guards at his daughters' school, and thought, "If I didn't know any better, after seeing that ad, I would think the NRA is either an elaborate, avant garde, Joaquin Phoenix-style joke... More »

Congressman Apologizes for Mocking Michelle's Rear

Jim Sensenbrenner sends first lady 'personal note'

(Newser) - After getting caught ridiculing Michelle Obama's "large posterior ," a Wisconsin congressman has sent her an apology. "I regret my inappropriate comment and I have sent a personal note to the first lady apologizing," GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner says in a statement. Meanwhile, a parishioner at... More »

Congressman Rants About Michelle Obama's Butt

Sensenbrenner is overheard complaining about healthy-eating program

(Newser) - Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner might want to keep his voice down time next time he decides to discuss the first lady's behind in a public place. A Democratic operative overheard the not-so-thin Wisconsin Republican on his cell phone in an airport lounge, loudly recounting how after buying some "crap"... More »

How Lucky Can One Guy Be?

Third lottery win for US congressman, also heir to Kleenex, Scott fortune

(Newser) - Jim Sensenbrenner has won $1,000 in the Wisconsin lottery, marking his third win in the last 10 years. The GOP congressman had already won a $250,000 jackpot in a 1997 D.C. lottery and $1,000 in Wisconsin last spring. In the somewhat larger lottery, Sensenbrenner is an... More »

5 Stories