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Hate Your Computer? Don't Bully Tech Support

Your frustration, the tech guy's misery

(Newser) - We've all done it: The computer misbehaves and we vent our frustration on tech support. But the ugliest of these confrontations can have real consequences, ABC reports. What the user sees as just blowing off steam, the tech support pro might experience (and report to superiors) as bullying. Aggravating the... More »

Networking Teens Risk Identity Theft

UK study says millions share data too casually with strangers

(Newser) - Millions of young users of social networking sites are risking identity theft because of information shared online, warns a UK study reported in the Independent today. Britain's privacy watchdog concludes that 4.5 million web users from 14 to 21 years old could be vulnerable to identity fraud, and young... More »

PayPal Swiping Credit Card Market

Fraud-wary consumers turn to alternative payment methods

(Newser) - With identity theft jumping 50% since 2003, more people are turning from credit cards to Internet-based payment services like PayPal and Google Checkout for online purchases and, increasingly, everyday transactions, Business Week reports. Roughly 30% of US online shoppers used an alternative payment service last year. "Consumers are afraid... More »

Energy Conservation Comes Home

Plug-in monitor tells you when electric demand is at peak

(Newser) - Energy companies are hoping to cut costs and conserve electricity by training customers to trim power use during peak hours, reports the MIT Technology Review. By viewing small monitors in homes, customers can see when demand is highest and turn off energy-hogging air conditioners, dishwashers and space heaters. Generating so-called... More »

Oracle Sees No BEA in Its Future

$6.7B offer rebuffed, Ellison says he'd offer less for BEA second time around

(Newser) - Oracle’s $25-billion, three-year shopping spree won’t include rival BEA Systems, at least not at the $17 a share it offered last month, reports the San Jose Mercury News. BEA spurned the nearly $6.7-billion bid, demanding $21 a share. “If their goal was to stay independent, I... More »

5 Stories