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5 Big Celebrity Feuds

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift join the list

(Newser) - We learned this week that there's apparently no love lost between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry . HLN rounds up nine more of the biggest celebrity feuds:
  • Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber actually got into a physical altercation at a restaurant recently, and it was allegedly over Bloom's ex,
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Foxy Brown Booted From Cruise Over Manicure Mess

Rapper had to fly home from Cayman Islands

(Newser) - Foxy Brown does not have a good track record when it comes to beauty salons. The rapper was kicked off a Royal Caribbean cruise over a nail-related meltdown, TMZ reports. Brown, who had performed the day before the incident, showed up three hours late to a manicure appointment on the... More »

6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes

Freeing lobsters, spraying hair glue, and more...

(Newser) - Dina Lohan almost got herself arrested over an ice cream cake. Lohan apparently attempted to use her daughter’s free ice cream card, and a Carvel employee asked for ID. They both freaked out, resulting somehow in police helicopters arriving. Inspired by this insane incident—Lohan actually said, “It... More »

Rikers Officials Fawned Over Foxy Brown

Rapper wore designer duds, did photo shoot

(Newser) - Rapper Foxy Brown received star treatment on Rikers Island, wearing designer clothes and enjoying visits from prison officials during her 9-month stay on a parole violation, the New York Post reports. Angry Department of Corrections insiders say Brown was allowed private meals and cosmetics, unlimited TV and phone use, and... More »

Publisher Sues Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown

Sez neither produced books they were paid for

(Newser) - Simon & Schuster Inc. sued rappers Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim yesterday, saying they were paid advances for books they never delivered. The publishing house wants Brown to return a $75,000 advance she received in 2005 for an autobiography called Broken Silence and wants Lil' Kim to return the... More »

Foxy Cops Plea, Pens Apology

Rapper gets to stay out of jail for hurling phone at woman

(Newser) - A plea deal to settle charges that rapper Foxy Brown hurled a BlackBerry at a neighbor means the notorious bad girl had to pen an apology letter instead of going back to jail, the New York Post reports. "It's over," the hip-hop diva said. "I made a... More »

Rapper Foxy Brown Freed

Rowdy singer walks out of Riker's Island after 8 months

(Newser) - Feisty rapper Foxy Brown walked free from Riker's Island prison yesterday after serving 8 months behind bars for battling with manicurists in a New York nail salon, E! News reports. Brown had been sentenced to a year in jail for probation violations stemming from the fight. The rowdy hip-hop star... More »

Foxy Brown Heads for the Slammer

Rapper gets one-year sentence for assault with cell phone

(Newser) - Rapper Foxy Brown faces a year in jail for a July 30 assault on a Brooklyn woman who complained about loud music on Brown’s car stereo. Brown, 28, hit the woman with a cell phone in the latest in a string of probation violations that includes flinging hair glue... More »

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