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She Wanted to 'Understand the Forest More.' So She Made History

Dhanya Sanal named as first woman to scale sacred Agasthyakoodam mountain

(Newser) - Even as Dhanya Sanal fulfilled her dream of ascending a 6,128-foot-high sacred mountain in India, she was "ready to turn back" at any time. In fact, the 38-year-old thought protesters might force her to do so. Until Kerala's high court put an end to the tradition in... More »

Deadly Virus in India Could Cause Global Epidemic

The outbreak started with a fruit bat

(Newser) - The Nipah virus has now killed at least a dozen people in southern India and health workers fear it could become a global epidemic if it isn't tightly monitored. More than 40 other people have been infected with the virus, which has a mortality rate of around 75%, Fox... More »

'Let's Watch a Few More Minutes': Fireworks Disaster Kills 110

Indian temple's board members now on the run

(Newser) - Rescue officials are sifting through a Hindu temple in southern India where at least 110 people died when a fireworks display—an unauthorized pyrotechnic show that went horribly wrong—swept through the temple packed with thousands for a religious festival. The death toll from the pre-dawn fire on Sunday at... More »

Teen Dies While Trying to Take Selfie

Indian 16-year-old posed on train tracks

(Newser) - Apparently taking selfies in front of moving trains is now a thing—a thing that got a 16-year-old student from Kerala, India, killed Wednesday. Canadian Jared Frank may have become a YouTube sensation thanks to his video of getting kicked in the head when he tried the stunt in Peru—... More »

Indian 'Success Story' Funded by Migrants

Money mailed home makes possible Kerala's leftist showcase

(Newser) - The South Indian state of Kerala, long touted for achieving a high quality of life in the face of dire poverty, relies heavily on earnings sent from menial jobs abroad, the New York Times reports. Offered as a leftist alternative to market-driven development in poor nations, Kerala is famous for... More »

5 Stories