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After Huge Search, Missing Hunter Found in Jail

He had been picked up for public intoxication

(Newser) - Searchers spent hours looking for a missing hunter in north Alabama until officers realized he was actually in jail. Relatives of 50-year-old Randy Keith Holt of Hartselle reported the man missing Monday afternoon after he failed to return from a hunting trip, the AP reports. Holt didn't have a... More »

Last MH370 Search Boat Departs on Final Mission

It will scan trouble areas for the next month

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania-sized patch of the Indian Ocean has been combed in a $150 million search effort for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370—and that search is now coming to a close with the mystery still unsolved. The last boat still looking for the plane left the Australian port of Fremantle on... More »

Search for MH370 Will Likely End by July: Chief

But ATSB head says he's 'optimistic' they'll find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane by then

(Newser) - If the hunt for MH370 doesn't turn up anything over the next few months, the head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says the search of a 46,000-square-mile swath of the Indian Ocean will likely be called off by July, NBC News reports. Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan says... More »

New Google Options: 'I'm Feeling Trendy'?

Search engine gives playful revamp to the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature

(Newser) - OK, show of hands, how many of you ever actually used the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google? Yeah, us neither. And the feature has gotten extra-useless now that Google displays results near-instantaneously as you type. So Google today rolled out a quirky replacement, or rather, a quirky... More »

Etan Patz Search Comes Up Empty

They found a single hair, brick with blood stain

(Newser) - The FBI and NYPD called off their search for Etan Patz in a Soho basement today, having found precious little evidence. "The digging aspect is done," one police official said. All investigators found in the basement was a single human hair, some animal bones, and a cinder block... More »

Occupy Trumps Tea Party in Google Searches

Search engine's blog compares data

(Newser) - Americans are more fascinated by Occupy Wall Street than the Tea Party—if Google is the judge. The first “spark of interest” in the Occupy movement on Google was Sept. 16, and it overtook the Tea Party about a week later, Google’s politics blog reports. Sure, the Zuccotti... More »

Kansas City Baby Girl Vanishes From Crib

Dad arrives from work before dawn to find daughter gone

(Newser) - Missouri police have launched a massive manhunt for a baby girl who vanished from her crib in the middle of the night. "We've exhausted everything we can at the original scene," said a police spokesman. "We've opened up the crime scene and are doing everything... More »

Prosecutors Hid Screw-Up in Anthony Trial: Witness

She only searched for chloroform once

(Newser) - The prosecution witness who testified that Casey Anthony ran online searches for “chloroform” 84 times says he screwed up—and that prosecutors ignored him when he let them know. The prosecution used John Bradley’s software to make its assertions about Anthony’s search habits. But Bradley tells the... More »

Bodies Found in Underwater Air France Wreckage

Robots find cabin and engines of crashed jet

(Newser) - Underwater robots have located the bodies of some of those who died in the Air France flight 447 crash two years ago, France’s Ecology Minister revealed on the radio today. “We have bodies… there are bodies that are still in the parts that have been found,” the... More »

China Blocks 'Egypt' Search Term

Media offers limited coverage of protests

(Newser) - As protests continue to rage across Egypt, Chinese authorities have blocked Internet searches for the country’s name in its microblogging services. Big portals like and have been offering the Twitter-like services, but a search for "Egypt" on returns this message: "According... More »

Bing Pushes Google Into Innovation War

New features coming fast and furious

(Newser) - Google has been adding features lately—like its new side navigation, revamped image search, and customizable background image—that look an awful lot like ideas nabbed from Bing, the New York Times observes. Though Bing still has a mere 12.7% of the search market, compared to Google’s 62.... More »

Google, DirecTV Team on TV Search Option

Viewers can look for shows on satellite service, web videos

(Newser) - Google and DirecTV are testing a service in which viewers can search for programs from the satellite provider or Internet videos, using a keyboard and a set-top box that runs Google software. Only company employees are using the equipment, sources tell the Wall Street Journal —which points out that... More »

Google Rolls Out 'Starred' Search Results

New tool will prioritize users' favorite sites

(Newser) - Over the next few days, Google will be rolling out a feature that will allow you to tell it what sites you like. Just star a result, and in the future, when you’re searching for something relevant to that site, it’ll pop up at the top in a... More »

Apple in Talks With Microsoft to Switch iPhones to Bing

Apple looks to cooperate with Microsoft as Google rivalry heats up

(Newser) - In a sign of just how tense Apple’s rivalry with Google has gotten, the software giant is in talks with archrival Microsoft to make Bing the primary search engine on the iPhone. The negotiations have been underway for weeks, sources tell Businessweek. “Apple and Google know the other... More »

Bing, News Corp Talks Offer Hope for Media

Media could gain from brewing bidding war

(Newser) - Microsoft is offering News Corp and other media companies money to yank their content from Google’s search engine and list it instead on Bing. The offer, likely prompted by a threat from Rupert Murdoch to remove content from Google, “is all about Microsoft hurting Google’s margins,”... More »

We Might Need Google Neutrality, Too

Net Neutrality isn't a cure-all; the internet is full of choke points

(Newser) - Net neutrality is back in the headlines, but it might not be as important as its champions might hope. Essentially, the net neutrality fight is over price discrimination—the ISPs want to charge extra fees to big companies that could afford to pay them, explains Ars Technica . Companies of all... More »

Web Surfing Can Help Slow Dementia

Brain scans show Google is more stimulating than books

(Newser) - It’s time to teach Grandma to Google. Surfing the Internet can slow or even reverse the mental decay that leads to dementia, according to a new study. UCLA researchers scanned the brains of 24 men and women aged 55 to 78 and discovered that surfing the web was more... More »

Gmail Reveals Google's Achilles' Heel: 'Arrogance'

Search giant is starting to look a lot like the companies it toppled in late 90s: Blodget

(Newser) - Henry Blodget of the Business Insider recently switched from Yahoo Mail to Gmail, mainly because Yahoo had become “buggy, inconsistent, and unreliable.” For basic functionality—and spam-blocking—Gmail performs well. But he hates the "conversation model" for email. Why? "Because I can't easily find the exact... More »

Cops Find Bone Fragment Next Door to Garrido

Unclear if it's human or animal; investigators still searching area

(Newser) - Authorities found a bone fragment on the property next door to where Phillip Garrido held Jaycee Lee Dugard captive for 18 years, the Contra Costa Times reports—though police aren’t yet sure if the bone is human or animal. A spokesman says investigators and dogs are still combing the... More »

Why MicroHoo Won't Kill Google

(Newser) - Wondering what the Microsoft/Yahoo pact will mean for you, the tech-loving consumer? Probably not much, writes Todd Weiss for PC World. His reasons:
  • “I tried Bing, I played with Bing, I experienced Bing, but Bing, you’re no Google search,” Weiss opines. Even with Yahoo’s help, and
... More »

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