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New Felony Charge for Beleaguered Mo. Governor

Eric Greitens says computer tampering charge is a continued 'smear' against him

(Newser) - St. Louis prosecutors on Friday charged Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens with a felony for using a charity donor list for his 2016 political campaign, adding to the woes of the first-term GOP governor. The charge of tampering with computer data is in addition to an earlier charge alleging Greitens took... More »

Democrats' $35M Mega-Donor Was Apolitical—Until Trump

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz abruptly got out his wallet to help Clinton

(Newser) - First came Dustin Moskovitz's "historically large donation" of $20 million last month to stop Donald Trump from reaching the Oval Office. Then the Facebook co-founder ponied up another $5 million in mid-October to a Hillary Clinton super PAC (as well as $10 million more to other political advocacy... More »

'Layaway Angel' Pays Off $106K at 2 Ohio Walmarts

'It's such a blessing to know there are still people out there [who] care'

(Newser) - There's a secret Santa in northeast Ohio who likes to celebrate the season every year in a special way. This year, he decided to spend it paying for other people's purchases, plying his philanthropy at two different Walmarts by contributing more than $106,000 to pay for the... More »

Donor-Hungry Colleges Hit Up ... New Students

Give, freshmen, give!

(Newser) - Celebrate while you can, college freshman: After the football games have ended and the keg-party buzz has worn off, you may be in for a harsh reality—the school you're paying tens of thousands of dollars wants you to be a donor. Like, now. With alumni-giving rates at record lows... More »

$70M in Anonymous Gifts Spark Academic Whodunit

Nearly $70 million given to colleges nationwide

(Newser) - A wave of nearly $70 million in mysterious donations to a dozen colleges across the country has set off a happy guessing game in academic circles, the New York Times reports. "Whoever it is wishes to remain anonymous and I, for one, am perfectly happy to respect that,"... More »

Live Kidney Donors Should Be Encouraged, Not Doubted

Activist seeking organ gets help from friends

(Newser) - When Frances Kissling learned she needed a kidney transplant, she took a step most people in her situation never do: She asked dozens of friends and colleagues if they would be willing to donate. "I was bowled over by how people responded," the Catholic feminist activist writes for... More »

Commerce Pick Has Fundraising Skeletons

Locke is no slam dunk: Malkin

(Newser) - President Obama's administration surely hopes Gary Locke will prove a relatively uncontroversial pick for Commerce after the messy Bill Richardson and Judd Gregg nominations. Not likely, writes Michelle Malkin, who covered Locke for the Seattle Times when he was Washington's governor. Locke, she reminds, faced a series of probes from... More »

Rihanna Helps Girl Dying of Leukemia

(Newser) - Moved by a video of a young African American girl with leukemia, Rihanna is helping her find a bone marrow donor, People reports. It's the second time the singer has helped a leukemia sufferer seek a match. "When I saw the video of Jasmina it broke my heart,"... More »

Bill Reaped $100K From Bizman Aided by Hillary

No quid-pro-quo, say both sides

(Newser) - A New York developer donated $100,000 to Bill Clinton’s foundation about the same time Sen. Hillary Clinton pushed for millions in federal assistance that helped the developer, the New York Times reports. Robert J. Congel was building a mall that Clinton supported “purely as part of her... More »

Clinton Donor List Loaded With Foreign Governments

Saudi Arabia tops list

(Newser) - Bill Clinton is disclosing all the donors to his foundation today, and the list is full of foreign interests, the AP reports. Saudi Arabia alone pitched in more than $10 million to Clinton’s causes. Governments from Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy, Jamaica, and India also pitched in, as... More »

Malaria Fight Gets $3B Booster Shot

Initiative will focus on Africa, stress the need for persistence

(Newser) - The global fight against malaria will get an unprecedented $3 billion push from a global alliance of nonprofits, financial institutions, and governments, the Wall Street Journal reports, with a focus on prolonging the effort beyond initial successes. The Global Malaria Action Plan aims for multibillion-dollar yearly funding through 2020, and... More »

Lawmakers Get Most Funding From Outside Districts

'Nonresident contributors donate for expressive purposes,' study shows

(Newser) - Candidates running for Congress are increasingly using affluent ZIP codes outside their own districts as "political ATM machines" to fund their campaigns, a new study finds. In the majority of House races in 2004, almost three-quarters of contributions came from donors outside a lawmaker's district—often from Hollywood, Manhattan's... More »

Pinched Oxford Wants $2.5B

Needs cash to compete with Ivy League

(Newser) - Prestigious Oxford University is pleading poverty and has begun a campaign to raise funds to make it competitive with Harvard, Yale, and Princeton for academic talent, reports the Christian Science Monitor. The university—actually a collection of individual colleges—aims to raise $2.5 billion, but even that is chump... More »

Sperm Donation Not 'Taxable Labor' for Danes

Sperm banks warned identity disclosure would kill the thriving exports

(Newser) - The Danish government has thought better of a plan to tax earnings from sperm donation just as it taxes any other job, Der Spiegel reports. The catch is that it would have required donors to disclose their identities, which sperm banks said would drive away 93% of their business. It... More »

Hillary to Repay $850K From Hsu

FBI probes contributions from 'straw donors'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign will return $850,000 raised by Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, a fugitive from a 1991 fraud conviction who turned himself in and then skipped out on a Bay Area court hearing last week. Clinton had planned to give $23,000 from Hsu to charity, but has since... More »

Feds Arrest Fugitive Fundraiser in Colorado

Hsu didn't show for Cali court appearance

(Newser) - Renegade Democratic donor Norman Hsu was tracked down by the FBI in Colorado last night after skipping town again—he failed to show up in Bay Area court Wednesday for a bail-reduction hearing in connection with his 15-year-old felony theft case. The FBI  charged him with unlawful flight to avoid... More »

Dem Moneyman May Be on the Lam Again

New warrant issued for Hsu after California court no-show

(Newser) - A top Democratic fundraiser is in more trouble after failing to appear in a California court today for a bail hearing, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A judge revoked Norman Hsu's $2 million bail and issued a new warrant for his arrest. “It could be a mistake, somehow, on... More »

Taxpayers Foot Governator's Travel Frills

Donors get breaks, and maybe access, for funding Arnold's luxury

(Newser) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger travels on private jets and racks up six-figure trip expenses, thanks to the largesse of a shady nonprofit group whose secret donors get tax breaks, the LA Times reports. Watchdogs claim the 501(c)(3) is an abuse of a system intended to reward donations to needy causes. More »

Corporate Donors Snub McCain

It's payback time for a career as Senate ethics reformer

(Newser) - John McCain is lagging far behind his GOP primary rivals in fundraising, in part because he's alienated so many big corporate donors in his Senate career. All that straight talk about minimizing the influence of money on politics has taken its toll, the New York Times notes. One defense industry... More »

Next World Bank Prez Meets World

Zoellick begins circuit to meet and greet bank's poorest clients

(Newser) - Former trade rep Robert Zoellick embarked on a world tour yesterday, in advance of his likely ascension to president of the World Bank this month. Zoellick will stop in Africa to visit the bank's largest beneficiaries, and Europe to schmooze with its largest donors. "I want to leave no... More »

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