Qin Shihuangdi

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How Was Terracotta Army Made? Ears Reveal Clue

Facial features were perhaps modeled after real soldiers, researchers find

(Newser) - A massive army of terracotta warriors, commissioned by China's first emperor in 246 BC, has mesmerized archaeologists since its discovery in 1974. Slowly, researchers have learned the secrets of the amazing clay statues, including how they were painted , but were still puzzled by how their realistic features were created.... More »

Warriors Invade British Museum

Terracotta warriors travel to London for landmark exhibition

(Newser) - British papers have been absorbed with stories of Chinese hackers, but another set of Chinese warriors has invaded London: the millennia-old terracotta statues that guard the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi. The Telegraph is presenting a preview of the British Museum's The First Emperor, an exhibition years in the making that... More »

2 Stories