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It Looks Like a Smudge. But Its Significance Is Huge

Mummy tattoos among the oldest ever found, say scientists

(Newser) - The ancient Egyptian mummy has been a favorite attraction at the British Museum since it was discovered a century ago in Gebelein, but only keen-eyed passers-by would've wondered at the dark smudges on the male's upper arm. Turns out, they were worth noticing. Infrared scans have revealed them... More »

Waiter Learns the Hard Way to Be Careful Around Ancient Art

Venus statue at London's British Museum had thumb knocked right off by catering server

(Newser) - A waiter who was all thumbs cost a priceless Roman sculpture one of its own. The BBC reports on the incident at London's British Museum, which the Art Newspaper says took place in December, in which the unfortunate unnamed server from an outside catering vendor was setting up for... More »

Egypt Demands Rosetta Stone Back

But the British Museum's intent on keeping it

(Newser) - Egypt’s top antiquities official will head to Britain tomorrow in his quest to goad the British Museum into returning the Rosetta Stone. Dr. Zahi Hawass calls the stone an “icon of Egyptian identity,” and says the museum doesn’t really value it. “They kept it in... More »

British Treasure Find Worth $5.4M

Anglo-Saxon gold unearthed by jobless searcher this summer

(Newser) - An amateur British treasure hunter and the owner of the field where he struck gold are in for a big payday: His find turns out to be a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon cache of the precious metal. The collection is worth about $5.4 million, British Museum tells the AP . The treasure—... More »

China To Scour Museums for Looted Art

Artifact team will hunt for Imperial Gardens booty

(Newser) - China is about to send teams of artifact hunters to the world's top museums to track down looted art treasures. They'll be on the lookout for art from the splendid Imperial Gardens of Yuan Ming Yuan, more commonly known as the Old Summer Palace, which was used by Chinese emperors... More »

Massive Ancient Gold Trove Likely Battle Booty

Experts compare record find to discovery of King Tut's tomb

(Newser) - Experts dazzled by a record trove of ancient gold and silver unearthed in an English field believe the hoard of coins, hilts and parts of shields was war booty stripped from fallen soldiers and buried on the run. It was finally unearthed by a man with a metal detector 14... More »

Brit Museum Refuses to Lose Its Marbles

Museum refuses to sanction Elgin's deeds

(Newser) - Tension between Greek and British museum officials over ownership of the famous Elgin marbles bubbled over this week, reports the Guardian. With the New Acropolis Museum set to open in Athens, Greece is refusing to accede to British terms concerning the loan of the classical treasure. The British Museum offered... More »

Warriors Invade British Museum

Terracotta warriors travel to London for landmark exhibition

(Newser) - British papers have been absorbed with stories of Chinese hackers, but another set of Chinese warriors has invaded London: the millennia-old terracotta statues that guard the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi. The Telegraph is presenting a preview of the British Museum's The First Emperor, an exhibition years in the making that... More »

8 Stories