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Netflix's Growth Comes at a Cost

Company has gained $5.1B in debt in one year

(Newser) - Netflix is sinking deeper into debt in its relentless pursuit of more viewers, leaving the company little margin for error as it tries to build the world's biggest video subscription service, reports the AP . Netflix's long-term debt and other obligations totaled $21.9 billion as of Sept. 30,... More »

Over Owning? Cadillac Tries a New Idea

It's launching a monthly subscription service

(Newser) - It's kind of like Netflix, but with Cadillacs instead of movies. The car company is experimenting with a modern twist on car ownership: Don't own at all and instead try out a new vehicle every month or close to it. In a press release , the company says it... More »

YouTube's Original Programming Launches Tomorrow

Here's what you can watch for $9.99/month

(Newser) - YouTube is attempting to make some noise of its own with a crop of films and shows that will be exclusively available with YouTube Red , a subscription service the San Bruno, California-based company launched last October, the AP reports. The first three movies and one series will be available via... More »

Coming Soon: Paid YouTube Subscriptions

But only for 'specialist' channels

(Newser) - Might you soon have to pay for the privilege of watching a cat ride around on a Roomba ? YouTube is introducing subscriptions, possibly as soon as this week, but don't worry: They're only for "specialist" channels, the Financial Times reports. As many as 50 channels will... More »

Fox: Lawsuit Could Force Us to Go Subscription-Only

Suing Aereo for stealing its signal

(Newser) - Fox is in the midst of a lawsuit over rights to its over-the-air programming—and if it loses, its broadcast network could turn to a subscription model, News Corp's president says. At issue is a lawsuit against Aereo, which offers broadcast TV on digital devices, Mashable reports. "Aereo... More »

Rumsfeld Kills NYT Subscription Over Krugman

Rummy fumes after reading columist's 'repugnant piece'

(Newser) - Donald Rumsfeld is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore—so he's canceled his subscription to the New York Times. "After reading Krugman’s repugnant piece on 9/11, I cancelled my subscription to the New York Times this AM," the former defense... More »

Latest Amazon Brainchild: Netflix for Books

But publishers are leery of idea

(Newser) - Amazon is chatting with publishers about starting a subscription-based digital book library—but publishers are reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. Under the Netflix-like proposal, consumers would pay a yearly fee to get access to the library, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . Publishers, however, are concerned that such a... More »

Call of Duty Game to Test Monthly Subscription

Players will have choice of paying fee for extra content

(Newser) - The maker of the wildly popular Call of Duty video game plans to test just how dedicated its players are. In an industry first, Activision Blizzard will launch a monthly subscription fee this fall for gamers who want extra content that does not come with the $60 game, reports the... More »

Google Unveils Answer to Apple App Store

One Pass gives publishers bigger cut of revenues

(Newser) - A day after Apple showed off its content subscription service, Google has revealed details of its own. Called One Pass, the service will give publishers a bigger piece of the revenue pie: While Apple will take a 30% cut on sales from iTunes App Store subscriptions, Google wants just 10%.... More »

Apple Unveils Long-Dreaded App Subscription Plan

...Much to developers' chagrin

(Newser) - Apple at long last introduced its long-rumored subscription plan—whether app developers like it or not. The system not only sets up an easy way to charge recurring payments for iPad/iPhone/iPod content, it also mandates that developers use it if they want to set up any kind of subscription service,... More »

New Facebook Feature Makes Stalking Even Easier!

Surely Mark Zuckerberg saw this backlash coming

(Newser) - Another day, another Facebook privacy flap: Now the social networking giant is testing a feature that Mashable calls a "stalker button." It's actually a subscription feature, allowing you to subscribe to all the actions of any of your friends—meaning you will receive notifications any time that person... More »

Hulu Debuts Subscription Service

Viewers who want full access will shell out $9.99 a month

(Newser) - Hulu introduced a subscription service today, offering viewers full seasons of TV programs for a monthly fee of $9.99. Hulu's free service has been cutting back content for months now, with only a handful of the most recent episodes available for any given program. Those free offerings will remain,... More »

Hulu to Add $9.95 Subscription Plan

But some content will still be free

(Newser) - Hulu is done giving out all its content for free. The web's second most popular video site plans to implement a $9.95-per-month subscription service as soon as May 24, sources tell the LA Times . But don't panic, cheapskates; the most recent five episodes of most shows will still be... More »

Wall St. Journal Monthly iPad Subscription: $17.99

Cost of print version is about $29 a month

(Newser) - Engadget isn't much interested in the Wall Street Journal's look at ad sales for the iPad, except for the nugget in the very last sentence: The Journal will charge $17.99 for a monthly subscription to the tablet device, which comes out next week. "For comparison, the print... More »

Please, Apple, 'Blow Up' the Cable Companies

Steve Jobs and crew are getting closer to an online subscription service

(Newser) - Apple is getting closer to launching an online television subscription service, and MG Siegler relishes the challenge it could pose to cable companies. “Just as Apple transformed the music industry thanks to the iTunes/iPod combination, and the mobile industry thanks to the iPhone, a device that offered all the... More »

10 Mag Subscription Steals —and Pricey Alternatives

(Newser) - With ad dollars drying up, some magazines are offering rock-bottom subscription prices to boost circulation and build their brands. Advertising Age looks at the cheapest bets:
  • Parents: The least expensive subscription found, at 33¢ an issue.
  • TV Guide: A steal at 36¢ an issue.
  • Yachting: Just because the reader is
... More »

Dirt-Cheap Netbooks Might Save Media Industry

Paying for content, not hardware, is the key

(Newser) - There might be hope yet for the media industry, “because the tech industry is screwed too,” writes Simon Dumenco for Advertising Age. With light, cheap netbooks squeezing the profit out of the hardware, makers are partnering with media providers (ie, Acer selling netbooks for $100, plus 2-year AT&... More »

One-Stop Web Portal Thinks It Can Save Newspapers

Group thinks consumers will be willing to pay for one-stop web portal

(Newser) - A web portal planned by some top media execs may be the way forward for beleagured newspapers. Journalism Online would act as a “one-stop shop” for pay content, writes Nate Anderson for Ars Technica. Consumers could buy subscriptions to many newspapers at low prices, and with a sliding scale... More »

Google Pay-for-News Scheme Ignores Reality

(Newser) - Google CEO Eric Schmidt's proposed model for online newspapers calls for a cable TV-like approach to subscription content, with tiers like free, basic, and premium. His ideas not only come too late, but they're “deeply flawed,” Douglas A. McIntyre writes for 24/7 Wall Street. And "even if... More »

Newsday Will Charge for Online Content

(Newser) - Newsday will buck an industry trend by charging people to read it online, Reuters reports. The newspaper's owner, Cablevision, says it will "end the distribution of free Web content," though it didn't specify when. In the US, the Wall Street Journal is the only major paper currently sticking... More »

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