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Sources: Equifax Execs Who Sold Shares Now Eyed by Feds

There's reportedly a criminal probe into insider trading suspicions

(Newser) - Right after Equifax discovered it had suffered a huge security breach , three senior executives dumped nearly $2 million in shares —and now the feds are looking to see if there was any criminality involved. Per Bloomberg , sources familiar with the investigation say the Justice Department will be seeking evidence... More »

NYT Gets Its Hands on Telling Recording of Fyre Fest Meeting

'NYT' cites audio of an apparently unfazed Ja Rule, partner after fiasco

(Newser) - People won't soon forget the Ja Rule "luxury" music fest in the Bahamas that ended in chaos . The performer and his business partner, Billy McFarland, apologized afterward, but the pair's company, Fyre Media, has now been slammed with more than a dozen lawsuits, and a source tells... More »

Manafort to Intel Committee: I'll Testify

Ex-Trump campaign chair has volunteered to be grilled on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - There's been more than a passing interest lately in Paul Manafort, and the beleaguered ex-Trump campaign chairman now seems eager to clear the air. Per an announcement Friday by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, Manafort—who's raised eyebrows with whispers of his dealings with the Russians and... More »

Pre-Election Actions of FBI, Comey, DOJ Under Review

IG Horowitz: Review to see whether agencies acted appropriately on Clinton matters

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton complained just days after the election that FBI Director James Comey's 11th-hour letters to Congress about her email scandal just before the election helped bring about her defeat—and now the independent entity tasked with policing the Department of Justice is taking a formal look at... More »

At Heart of One FBI Inquiry: Critical Book Clinton Cash

It alleges foreign donors got special treatment at State Department

(Newser) - Federal investigations of Hillary Clinton almost played an even bigger role in this election than they already do, insiders say. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that by February of this year, FBI agents thought they had enough evidence to investigate whether Clinton Foundation donors improperly received favorable treatment from... More »

FTC Is Now on Ashley Madison's Case

New CEO says they're 'truly sorry' for the site messing up people's lives

(Newser) - Two new executives at cheaters dating site Ashley Madison are offering up a mega-mea culpa for last year's hack -and- leak of user information, but that's likely not going to stem the flow of issues its parent company is now facing, including class-action lawsuits and an investigation by... More »

Feds Prod Theranos in Criminal Probe

SEC, DoJ now involved in investigations into blood-testing company

(Newser) - A success story gone sour has taken a new turn for Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes, with the SEC and the US attorney's office for the Northern District of California now conducting criminal investigations to determine whether the blood-testing company misled investors and others about its technologies, CNNMoney reports.... More »

Report: Feds to Nab 2 Ex-JPMorgan Employees

Authorities suspect they hid size of $6B trading loss

(Newser) - A published report says federal authorities plan to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees on suspicion that they tried to conceal the size of the investment bank's $6 billion trading loss last year. The New York Times reported today that the arrests of Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien... More »

NASA to Send 2 Probes Crashing Into Moon

Probes are out of fuel, and not expected to explode

(Newser) - NASA is set to crash a pair of washing machine-sized probes into the moon on Monday, after months spent examining and gathering data about the moon's surface, reports AFP . Though Ebb and Flow will hit the surface at a speedy 3,760mph, they'll be out of fuel when... More »

German Ford Plants Raided in Corruption Probe

Staff homes also searched amid bribe accusations

(Newser) - German authorities raided Ford plants and the homes of Ford employees and suppliers today as part of a corruption investigation, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some 100 police officers took part in the search of more than 30 locations; one person was arrested, a prosecutor said. Ford staff have allegedly... More »

Gonzales Changes Tune on 'Legitimate' CIA Probe

Ex-AG compares torture to speeding (really)

(Newser) - Alberto Gonzales did not mean to endorse Eric Holder’s probe of alleged CIA torture during the Bush administration by calling it “legitimate,” the former AG tells the Washington Times, which broke the story. “I don't support the investigation by the department because this is a matter... More »

Aussie Seamen Probed in Sex Betting Ring

(Newser) - Australia is looking into allegations that a group of sailors ran a sex betting ring on the high seas, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Female members of the HMAS Success crew told officials that a group of sailors kept a betting book—known as "The Ledger"—to see... More »

Berlusconi Faces Prostitution Probe

Showgirl: I was paid to go to PM's party

(Newser) - Already in hot water for connections to an 18-year-old model, a “mock marriage,” and a party with topless women, Silvio Berlusconi is now facing a probe into allegations over whether he paid showgirls to attend parties at the Italian PM's residences, the Times of London reports. An inquiry... More »

Families Join Manslaughter Probe in Plane Crash

(Newser) - Three families of victims in the Air France crash have signed on as plaintiffs in a manslaughter probe into the Air France crash, reports the BBC. Under French law, they'll now have access to investigative files. The Paris prosecutor launched the probe last week, which is routine in such cases.... More »

Israel Finds No War Crimes in Gaza Attacks

Officials say civilian deaths isolated, unintentional

(Newser) - An Israel Defense Forces probe has found that no Gaza civilians were intentionally harmed in Israel’s recent incursion into the region, Haaretz reports. IDF colonels who weren’t involved in the fighting found that the IDF “adhered to international law and maintained a high level of professionalism and... More »

Rove Will Cooperate in US Attorney Firings Inquiry

Had refused to take part in earlier investigation

(Newser) - In a reversal, Karl Rove will cooperate with a federal investigation into the firings of nine US attorneys, Talking Points Memo reports. Rove had refused to cooperate in an earlier inquiry on the firings, which Justice Department officials said severely “hindered” the inquiry. A lawyer for Rove says the... More »

Investigate Bush: Conyers

Congress must review his abuses to prevent a repeat

(Newser) - As the country moves forward, we can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of the past: it’s time to review the abuses of the Bush administration, writes Michigan congressman John Conyers, Jr. in the Washington Post. Congress must keep pushing for “stonewalled” Bush documents; it should create an... More »

Madoff Mails $1M in Bling; Feds Pounce

(Newser) - Prosecutors are fuming after Bernard Madoff mailed more than $1 million in jewelry to his sons on Christmas Eve, the New York Post reports. The Ponzi schemer was dragged into court today but left under house arrest pending written arguments. Madoff's bail agreement allows such a gift, but an SEC... More »

Lawsuits Allege Minn.'s Coleman Diverted Funds

FBI investigating claims a friend steered cash toward senator

(Newser) - The FBI is looking into a pair of lawsuits that claim a friend of Norm Coleman tried to channel funds to the Minnesota senator, the Pioneer Press of St. Paul reports. A Houston suit says financier Nasser Kazeminy aimed to divert money to Coleman through Coleman's wife’s employer; another... More »

India Smashes Probe Into Moon

Landmark trip gathered data on lunar surface

(Newser) - India’s Moon Impact Probe, decorated with the country’s colors, was a smashing success for India's space program when it rammed into the moon’s surface today, Bloomberg reports. The green, white, and orange probe hurtled downward for half an hour, gathering data on the moon’s surface before... More »

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