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Michigan Woman Guilty of Murder Witnessed by Parrot

Glenna Duram will be sentenced next month

(Newser) - A jury has convicted a western Michigan woman of first-degree murder in the shooting death of her husband in a crime apparently witnessed by the man's pet parrot. The Newaygo County jury deliberated about eight hours before finding 49-year-old Glenna Duram guilty Wednesday of killing 46-year-old Martin Duram, reports... More »

Talkative Parrot May Be Used as Evidence in Murder Trial

Martin Duram's family believes Bud witnessed his final moments

(Newser) - An African grey parrot named Bud may get its day in court after all. Fox 17 reports Glenna Duram was charged with first-degree murder Thursday in her husband Martin Duram's May 2015 death. Martin's family has claimed that his parrot Bud likely witnessed the murder . After Martin was... More »

Family Says Parrot Is Key Witness in Man's Murder

'Don't f---ing shoot'

(Newser) - Can a foul-mouthed parrot act as a witness to a murder? That's the question Martin Duram's family wants answered after Duram was killed in his Michigan home in May 2015, WOOD reports. Weeks after the murder, Duram's African grey parrot, Bud, could be heard repeating the phrase... More »

In Weird Case, a Parrot Gets Detained by Police

Elderly woman says stepson trained bird to insult her

(Newser) - It seems that a parrot in India may have grounds for a lawsuit after police detained it without evidence for allegedly "hurling obscenities" at an 85-year-old woman. Over the past two years, the woman claims she has been subjected to "bad language and foul words" from the parrot... More »

Firefighters Follow Cries of 'Help,' Find Parrots

No humans or birds hurt in Idaho blaze

(Newser) - The fire department in Middleton, Idaho, says they're smart parrots—and if they hadn't been, they might be dead parrots. Officials say that when firefighters arrived at a house fire near Boise Friday night, they investigated cries of "Help!" and "Fire!" and, instead of... More »

Parrot Missing 4 Years Returns Speaking Spanish

Bird keeps talking about someone called Larry

(Newser) - A British man in Torrance, Calif., isn't quite sure where his parrot Nigel was for the last four years—but he's pretty sure a Spanish-speaking man called Larry was involved. Owner Darren Chick was reunited with the African gray last week after it was found in a backyard... More »

Parrot Helps Catch Owner's Murderer

It screeched whenever dead owner's nephew was near

(Newser) - The title of "man's best friend" might no longer go to dogs after this one: A parrot reportedly led detectives to its owner's murderer, the Times of India reports. Neelam Sharma, 45, was found stabbed to death along with her dog in the Indian city of Agra... More »

Parrot Saves Sleeping Couple From Fire

Pearly woke up his human pals in the middle of the night

(Newser) - NBC Miami has a tale of a hero parrot credited with saving the lives of a Fort Lauderdale couple who were sound asleep during a house fire. "What we heard was a screeching like we've never heard before," Laurajean Niesel tells the Sun-Sentinel . "We thought... More »

Bank Seizes House, Parrot of Wrong Borrower

Woman sues Bank of America after weeklong bird chase

(Newser) - A Pittsburgh woman is suing Bank of America, saying it padlocked her home, cut her water and electrical lines, and confiscated her pet parrot Luke while she was away—even though she wasn’t in default. The bank has apologized, but the woman, 46-year-old Angela Iannelli, says they didn’t... More »

Sex-Crazed Parrot Now NZ 'Spokesbird'

Kakapo that molested BBC presenter gets government job

(Newser) - New Zealand's prime minister has given a government job to the country's most famous—and probably most sexually adventurous—parrot. Sirocco, one of a rare species of flightless parrots called "kakapo," has been appointed as the country's "spokesbird for conservation." Sirocco became famous last year when... More »

Polly Steals a Passport

Winged New Zealand thief makes off with Scottish tourist's passport

(Newser) - One of New Zealand's native parrots now has a British passport, the AP reports. The kea, one of a notoriously brazen species of alpine parrots, snatched the brightly colored bag containing the passport from the luggage compartment of a stopped tour bus and flew off into the rainforest with it.... More »

Scientists: Parrots Groove to the Beat

(Newser) - Yes, it's an actual study: Parrots can dance. Really and truly dance. A painstaking review of lab video—and YouTube—revealed that the birds have rhythm, the Boston Globe reports. Frame-by-frame analysis of birds’ motion to music shows that they bob and weave in perfect sync to a beat, a... More »

Cardinals Not Cute Enough? Try the Puppy Bowl

A parrot will sing anthem, kittens in halftime show on Animal Planet's Super alternative

(Newser) - Those uninterested in watching hulking giants meet on the gridiron Sunday have a decidedly cuter alternative: the fifth annual Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet broadcasts the event, which will feature puppies engaging in football-like action, a parrot singing the national anthem, and a halftime show where kittens are just kittens, the... More »

Rawwk! Polly Want a Red Card?

Parrot booted from UK soccer game for imitating ref's whistle

(Newser) - A rare parrot had to be thrown out of a British football match when he began imitating the referee’s whistle, the Daily Mail reports. The parrot’s call was so realistic it actually stopped play dead 10 minutes into the second half, and continued disrupting the game thereafter. The... More »

Disabled Bite Back Over Animal Guides

Some suspect animal owners of abusing of special privileges

(Newser) - Miniature horses trek through supermarkets and monkeys queue up at restaurant buffets these days—all to guide the blind, the disabled, and the anxiety-ridden, Rebecca Skloot writes in the New York Times Magazine. But the increasing prevalence of wild and farm service animals among the civilized is reigniting the debate... More »

Birds Think Like Us

New book chronicles the life and mind of Alex, the world's smartest parrot

(Newser) - In her new book Alex and Me researcher Irene Pepperberg explains how her work with the African gray parrot shed light on human intelligence, Scientific American reports. The author says Alex’s smarts demonstrate why scientists should examine how an animal’s brain works, not just how it looks, because... More »

Polly Wanna Get Home: Here's My Address

Lost Japanese parrot tells vet how to find his home

(Newser) - A vet in Japan was stumped on how to reunite a lost parrot with its owners—until the brainy bird told him his address and his owner's name. The well-trained African gray has been safely reunited with his human family, the BBC reports. The bird kept mum in police custody... More »

Polly Want a Prozac?

Parrots are the latest pets to see spike in depression

(Newser) - With more pet owners working long days and leaving their furry and feathered friends alone at home, cases of animal depression are on the rise, writes the Daily Telegraph. A TV vet says the trend is hitting parrots especially hard, causing the talkative birds to pull out their feathers or... More »

World's Smartest Parrot Is No More

Alex was no bird brain: He amused millions, aided science

(Newser) - Brandeis researchers feel as though they’ve lost a colleague: Alex, the African gray parrot they studied for 30 years, died Friday. He helped them reach surprising new conclusions about the avian brain and “was extraordinary in breaking the perceptions of birds as not being intelligent,” according to... More »

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