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Wine Train Sorry for Kicking Black Women Off Tour

They're not the first 'noisy' group to have had problems

(Newser) - Rarely has a train gone into reverse as abruptly as the Napa Valley Wine Train. After initially defending its decision to kick a mostly black women's book club off the train mid-journey for being too noisy, the company has issued a statement saying it was "100% wrong in... More »

Book Club: Racism Got Us Kicked Off Wine Train

Book club members say they had to do 'walk of shame' off the train in 'racist attack'

(Newser) - Members of a book club out for a ride through California wine country say they endured a "humiliating" experience Saturday when they were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The women from the Sistahs on the Reading Edge club—10 of them black,... More »

Town Elects Black Female Mayor, Officials Quit

Tyrus Byrd makes history in Parma, Missouri

(Newser) - Shhh: You might hear a pin drop in the city hall of Parma, Missouri, where top officials and police officers quit after a black woman was elected mayor for the first time, KFVS reports via the Huffington Post . Former city clerk Tyrus Byrd was sworn in as mayor last week,... More »

Now Under Review: Military Hairstyles

Twists, dreads were largely banned in rules some complain targeted black women

(Newser) - The military increasingly has abandoned its one-size-fits-all haircut as the face of the American soldier has diversified, but new rules on hair sparked a furor amid concerns that they unfairly restricted black women. Now Chuck Hagel has ordered a review "to ensure standards are fair and respectful of our... More »

Black Women Face Racial Disparity on Cancer

Harold Freeman: White women tend to get better treatment

(Newser) - A new study in Cancer Epidemiology confirms a sad truth about America's health system: Black women with breast cancer are more likely to die than white women with breast cancer. Part of the reason is that black women tend to get a more aggressive form, writes Harold Freeman in... More »

Poll: Black Women Most Religious in America

Washington Post survey: 9 in 10 turn to faith in tough times

(Newser) - White evangelicals may be making plenty of noise this electoral season, but a new study suggests that the most religious group in America is actually black women, reports the Washington Post . Highlights from its in-depth survey with the Kaiser Family Foundation:
  • 74% of black women say "living a religious
... More »

Exercise Does Little to Fight Black Girls' Obesity

Health advocates may need to change their message: experts

(Newser) - While exercise is a great way for white girls to fend off obesity, it's hardly effective among blacks, a study finds. Researchers reviewed 1,148 adolescent girls, comparing their physical activity and obesity rates. They found that white 12-year-olds who moved more—falling into the top half of researchers'... More »

Black Women: Fat Because We Want to Be

Alice Randall: 80% of black women 'seriously overweight'

(Newser) - Most Americans need discipline in order to battle today's obesity epidemic—but in black America, "what we need is a body-culture revolution," writes Alice Randall in the New York Times . Even experts "don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are... More »

Black Women Heavier, Happier With Bodies

66% of overweight or obese black women report having high self-esteem

(Newser) - Hefty can be heavenly. That seems to be the feeling of many black women. While they tend to be heavier than white women, they're significantly happier with their bodies, a Washington Post /Kaiser Family Foundation survey has discovered. While only 41% of average-sized or thin white women report having... More »

Michelle Obama Has a Right to Be 'Angry'

Everyone should be over this slur: Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - The latest round of attempts to portray Michelle Obama as an "angry black woman" are enough to make any sensible person angry, writes Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post . Parker says the various political operatives and former staffers she has talked to, including Republicans, "without exception" have all... More »

Black Women Can Have Bigger Waists, Still Be Healthy

By two measures, black women could be bigger without raising health risk

(Newser) - Black women can have larger waistlines and be larger in general than white women and still be relatively healthy, according to new research.The study of 6,400 volunteers examined abdominal obesity and body-mass index and found that black women had higher thresholds than white women for both measures before... More »

Essence Hires White Editor; Uproar Ensues

But black women's magazine will not change course

(Newser) - Essence is a magazine “seen as the ultimate fashion and lifestyle title for black women,” writes Keith J. Kelly in the New York Post . So what is it doing hiring a white fashion director? That’s what the founding fashion director of Vibe wants to know, writing on... More »

White Actress Cast as African Queen—Again

Despite her 'full lips,' Angelina Jolie is no Cleopatra

(Newser) - Why is Angelina Jolie, a white woman, playing Cleopatra , an African queen? “Just when we thought there weren't enough leading roles for black women in Hollywood , they create one and give it to a white woman,” writes Shirea L. Carroll for Essence . “I don't care how full... More »

Interracial Marriage a Black Guy Thing

Black women less likely to marry another race

(Newser) - Black men are much bigger fans of interracial marriage than black women, according to a new study. About 22% of black men who got married in 2008 walked down the aisle with a woman of a different race, compared to just 9% of black women, the study found. “When... More »

Interracial Love Is the Answer for Black Women

Authors: Lonely, educated women should give white guys a look

(Newser) - "Black women are in market failure," says Karyn Langhorne Folan, a black woman married to a white man and the author of a new book urging others to follow her lead. "The new market is men of other races," explains Folan, who joins a growing chorus... More »

Good Hair Has a Few Knots

Chris Rock shines as interviewer, but social issues get lost in the weave

(Newser) - Chris Rock is a natural and hilarious interviewer, critics agree. But watchers are split on whether the substance of a rather complicated debate shines through in Big Hair, his documentary on black women and their coifs. A sampling:
  • Rock has helped craft a film with "much good feeling and
... More »

To Straighten or Not: Hair Politics Snags Black Women

Many feel pressure to go straight

(Newser) - For black women, it's near impossible to choose a hairstyle without society weighing in. Chemical relaxers help straighten hair, but "you’re pegged as selling out," a black studies professor tells the New York Times. But go natural and "you’re seen as not practicing appropriate grooming... More »

Breakthrough Black Model Naomi Sims Dead at 61

(Newser) - Naomi Sims, the first black model to grace the cover of Ladies Home Journal—and arguably the first black supermodel—has died at 61, the New York Times reports. Her family says the cause was cancer. Sims burst onto the scene in the late 1960s, but chose in the ‘... More »

Breast Cancer Death in Blacks Linked to Genes

Advocates now worry environmental, social factors will be ignored

(Newser) - The higher risk of death from breast cancer for black women may depend more on differences of biology than environmental factors, the Baltimore Sun reports. Research shows that black women are up to 49% more likely to die from the disease than white women, even when patients receive the same... More »

Few Blacks Followed Anderson's Lead

(Newser) - Marian Anderson shattered a racial barrier when she sang at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday, 1939—70 years ago this week—yet despite planned tributes, the power of the moment has faded, Alex Ross writes in the New Yorker. Most young people know nothing of Anderson, and "black... More »

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