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Silicon Valley Honchos Backing Christian Right

They're backing group getting out religious conservative vote

(Newser) - Yea, though they walk in the valley of silicon, they apparently fear evil. So a group of Silicon Valley big-money men are breaking with their liberal pack and backing a group striving to put Christian conservatives in public office. United in Purpose aims to register 5 million new conservative Christians... More »

Christians, Libertarians Battle for Soul of Tea Party

Schism could be imminent

(Newser) - The Tea Party movement is already starting to fracture, with battle lines being drawn between libertarians and Christian conservatives, Newsweek observes. A mere day after the election, Christian conservative groups like the Family Research Council wrote Republican leaders urging them to ban same-sex marriage and abortion; less than two weeks... More »

Dutch Abortion Ship Hits Rough Waters

(Newser) - A change in the law is threatening to scuttle a Dutch ship's mission to provide abortions to women throughout the world, reports the Independent. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts has delivered "abortion pills" that cause miscarriages to women in nations where abortion is illegal. She has skirted local laws by docking... More »

Prejean: 'Satan Set Gay Trap for Me'

She rejected devil and 'stood up for God' on gay marriage, Prejean tells Dobson

(Newser) - Miss California has told a Christian radio program that "Satan tried to tempt me" with the gay marriage pageant question that rocketed her into controversy. "I wanted to sound politically correct" and win the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejean told evangelical leader James Dobson yesterday. "Then God... More »

Christian Silence on Torture Speaks Volumes

(Newser) - The silence emanating from the Christian right on torture has been deafening, writes Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. One prominent Christian conservative finally came out against the practice, saying it “violates everything we stand for,” but he is conspicuously alone and was conspicuously silent during the Bush... More »

Carville: GOP Can't Abandon Christian Right

'Their party would crumble' otherwise, Dem strategist argues

(Newser) - Analysts who say the Republicans should rethink their social platform and move away from the Christian right are off their rockers, James Carville tells the Huffington Post. “Their party would crumble,” the Democratic strategist says. A whopping 90% of conservative, white, married Christians identify themselves as Republicans, up... More »

HBO Doc Unveils Down-and-Out Haggard

"Wincingly candid" documentary set to air Jan. 29 on HBO

(Newser) - A new HBO documentary on Ted Haggard catches the disgraced minister at his most candid and vulnerable, Newsweek reports. Emmy-winning director Alexandra Pelosi shot the film impromptu, capturing Haggard the failed insurance salesman as he struggles with gay feelings and looks out the window at his old church. But hasn't... More »

The Case for and Against Rick Warren

WaPost does the dueling op-ed thing

(Newser) - Liberals should be neither shocked nor appalled by Barack Obama’s inaugural invitation to anti-gay pastor Rick Warren, EJ Dionne writes in the Washington Post. His colleague Richard Cohen begs to differ, however, so the two duke it out in their columns today. Cohen says Obama has decided to “... More »

'Slutbucks'? Coffee Logo Spurs Protest

Retro logo is latest Christian complaint against Starbucks—if not its worst woe

(Newser) - Starbucks' fiscal woes are well-documented, and, Mother Jones blogger Jen Phillips writes, a boycott by a Christian group could be next, over the reintroduction of its original logo, which features a nearly bare-breasted sea siren. "The Starbucks logo has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like... More »

Creation Geologists Rock World

They're well-credentialed and unafraid of data

(Newser) - Today's creationist geologists are not who the secular may think. Numerous and thriving, many hold advanced degrees from top universities, and are making evangelicals more open to scientific evidence. And they are experts for the nearly half of Americans who believe God created the Earth in the last 10,000... More »

Evangelical Semantics Shadow Romney

In Southern pulpits, 'Mormon' doesn't always equal 'Christian'

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is vying aggressively for the religious right's support, but experts are advising him not to overdo it. Political strategists and religious experts alike caution that it’s dangerous for the Mormon candidate to sell himself as a Christian. Bloomberg looks at the complicated intersection of politics, faith, vocabulary,... More »

ACLU's Alter Ego Invites God Into Courtroom

Center scores wins for religious right with free speech arguments

(Newser) - A legal center that champions the Christian right is scoring victories and becoming “a very, very significant player in constitutional law,” one analyst says. The American Center for Law and Justice has made waves in the legal world by defending prayer at high school football games and supporting... More »

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