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At Heart of Vast US Hacking Campaign: China Army

Report tracks prolific attacks to army's Unit 61398

(Newser) - A Shanghai-based unit of China's People's Liberation Army has liberated vast amounts of data from the US and other countries in a huge cyber-spying effort over the last seven years, according to a report from computer security firm Mandiant. PLA Unit 61398—known to some victims as the... More »

'Grandson Mao' Rises Through Army Ranks

Chairman's heir becomes youngest-ever general

(Newser) - Chairman Mao's grandson and only surviving male heir looks unlikely to ever become China's Great Helmsman, but he is rising through the ranks of the People's Liberation Army. At the age of 39 he's the nation's youngest-ever general. Mao Xinyu has no memories of his famous grandfather, who died in... More »

China Sends 'Internet Addicts' to Boot Camp

(Newser) - Chinese families are unplugging Internet-addicted loved ones and shipping them off to boot camps, Radio Free Netherlands reports. The Internet Rehabilitation Centre of the People’s Liberation Army, which houses some 50 patients, is one of thousands of online addiction clinics around the country. "They don't only have psychological... More »

How I Got This Shot: Photog

Widener recalls capturing Tank Man image 20 years ago

(Newser) - On the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, one image endures: a lone man standing in front of a column of tanks, refusing to let them pass. Jeff Widener, the AP photographer who captured the moment, tells USA Today how he evaded the police and the censors to take the shot... More »

Troops Race Clock to Save Chinese Buried Alive

Rescuers struggle in mud and rain as death toll soars over 20,000

(Newser) - China has rushed 50,000 more troops to Sichuan province to help dig for earthquake survivors before time runs out, Reuters reports. Tens of thousands of people are still buried under rubble from Monday's devastating 7.9 quake. Rescuers reaching the hardest-hit areas say the destruction is worse than feared,... More »

Tech Sales to China Raise Red Flags

Weapons experts say imports could upgrade military—or be sold

(Newser) - Chinese companies linked to the People’s Liberation Army were cleared to import sensitive high-tech equipment from the US after the Bush administration eased restrictions blocking the sale of technology with military applications, the New York Times reports. One company has ties to arms sales to Iran and Syria, claims... More »

Chinese Military Hackers Hit London, Too

A day after Pentagon denial, evidence of cyberattacks in Europe

(Newser) - A day after Beijing denied that Chinese hackers had infiltrated the Pentagon's computer network, the Guardian leads with a story that "cyberwarriors" have targeted British defense and diplomatic ministries. The hackers, believed to be working for the People's Liberation Army, have also directed attacks at American and German government... More »

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