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Dustin Hoffman 'Cured' by Cancer Surgery

Oscar winner plans to keep filming this fall

(Newser) - Dustin Hoffman has undergone early cancer surgery and plans to continue his film career without a hitch, his rep tells People . "It was detected early and he has been surgically cured," she says. "Dustin is feeling great and is in good health." The rep divulged no... More »

Obama Honors Led Zeppelin, Letterman, Hoffman

Don't trash the White House, he warns rock legends

(Newser) - Led Zeppelin, David Letterman, and guitarist Buddy Guy were among an eclectic group of performers awarded Kennedy Center Honors last night. At a White House receptions before the awards gala, President Obama joked that the group had "no business being on the same stage together," the Los Angeles ... More »

Hoffman Saves Heart Attack Jogger

Actor spots young runner keel over in Hyde Park

(Newser) - Dustin Hoffman has joined the ranks of celebs who save lives. He was walking in London's Hyde Park when he spotted a jogger first stagger, then keel over, frothing at the mouth. He immediately called the emergency Brit number—999—and stayed as paramedics performed CPR on Sam Dempster,... More »

HBO Slammed for Horse Deaths in Luck

New series not so lucky for racers

(Newser) - Animal right activists are slamming a new TV series after two horses had to be put down after suffering injuries during filming. A PETA official said the organization "repeatedly reached out" to HBO before filming began on its horse-racing series Luck to offer safety advice but was "rebuffed.... More »

10 Celebs Who Got Naughty at Sporting Events

Yep, that's Marisa Miller getting pantsed

(Newser) - After Lady Gaga’s stripping, middle-finger-flipping spectacle at a recent Mets game, The Frisky decided to take a look at nine other celebrities who have behaved badly at sporting events:
  1. Tom Arnold: pantsed model Marisa Miller at a pre-Super Bowl celebrity tag football game
  2. Larry King: makes the list for
... More »

13 Stars Who Defied Death

Guess who was nearly taken out by a disco ball?

(Newser) - An awful lot of celebrities have died over the past year—making Bret Michaels surviving an emergency appendectomy, a brain hemorrhage, and a stroke seem especially miraculous. The Frisky lists a dozen other celebrities who have cheated death:
  • Boy George: He was injured—and just inches away from being crushed—
... More »

Real-Life Rain Man Dead at 58

Kim Peek inspired Dustin Hoffman's character in movie

(Newser) - The man who inspired Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie Rain Man died Saturday of a heart attack at age 58. Kim Peek's life was thrust into the spotlight after meeting screenwriter Barry Morrow, who used Peek as the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman's Oscar-winning character. After the 1988 film became... More »

Film's Best Cross-Dressers

From Tootsie to Hedwig, Liev joins an illustrious list

(Newser) - Liev Schreiber was “giddy” playing an ex-Marine transvestite in Taking Woodstock, and in his honor, Nerve lists the best cross-dressers in film history:
  • John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch: He "is the epitome of ferocity and theatricality that drag queens around the world aspire to.”
... More »

Despereaux a Beautiful Mess

Too many subplots in Mouse's tale

(Newser) - The Tale of Despereaux is a beautiful movie. It looks “like an illuminated manuscript come to life,” writes Adam Markovitz in Entertainment Weekly, its visuals obviously inspired by Flemish artists. “Too bad the story’s such a mess.” At the heart of the story is the... More »

Kung Fu Panda Kicks Butt

Old story becomes a fun journey in fast-paced martial arts animation

(Newser) - Dreamworks' animal extravaganza Kung Fu Panda isn't packed full of surprises, the critics say, but top-notch visual and voice acting lift it above the standard animal adventure fare. Jack Black gives the lead character, a pudgy panda who dreams of becoming a martial arts master, a "slightly abashed suburban-couch-potato... More »

Emporium Short on Wonder

Star power can't save unimaginative effort

(Newser) - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium might be less than magical for grown-ups, critics of the whimsical family flick agree. Dustin Hoffman stars as the eponymous eccentric who bequeathes a magical living toy store to reluctant protégé Natalie Portman in a film that "sprinkles in charming moments but ultimately doesn't... More »

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson, 40 Years Later

Anniversary marks movie that spoke to a generation

(Newser) - It seemed destined to be an art house anachronism. The director was inexperienced, the lead actor unknown and apparently miscast, the score cobbled together. The result, however, was one of the seminal works in the history of American cinema, "The Graduate. " As the 40th anniverary DVD is released,... More »

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