Tim Zagat

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Seriously: Don't Open a Restaurant

The Zagats have news for you: It's not as fun as it looks

(Newser) - Do you dream of opening your own restaurant one day? Well, Nina and Tim Zagat have some advice for you: "Don't do it!" And they should know, considering they co-founded and publish Zagat Restaurant Surveys. Opening a restaurant is about a lot more than just being "a... More »

Family Puts Zagat Empire Up for Sale

Unable to gain traction online, founders ask Goldman to find a buyer

(Newser) - The founders and publishers of the Zagat guides have hired Goldman Sachs to find a buyer for their stake in the company, reports the New York Times. The value of the international icon may top $200 million—not bad for a company that grew out of a two-page typed list,... More »

2 Stories