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Landslides Wipe Out 4 Indonesian Villages

Another 640 people feared dead in remote areas

(Newser) - At least four Indonesian villages were obliterated by earthquake-triggered landslides that buried as many as 644 people under mountains of mud and debris. Most of the victims were members of a communal wedding party. It's not clear exactly when the landslides occurred, but the full extent of Wednesday's 7.6-magnitude... More »

Miracle Rescue Lifts Hopes for 3,000 Trapped in Quake

Hopes dim as new emergency teams arrive in Indonesia

(Newser) - Rescue teams racing to find earthquake survivors in Indonesia pulled a young woman alive from the rubble of a collapsed school today, a rare glimmer of hope in the 2-day-old search. More than 1,000 people are reported dead, and difficult conditions in Padang are making it hard to reach... More »

Indonesia Quake Toll Passes 1,000

Samoa tsunami cleanup effort begins in earnest

(Newser) - The death toll in Indonesia has reached 1,100 and is expected to keep rising. Rescue workers are scrambling to find earthquake survivors under trapped buildings, with "many hundreds more" injured or missing, says a top UN relief official. Rescue efforts have been hung up over a shortage of... More »

Indonesian Quake Toll Passes 500, May Hit Thousands

Rescuers scramble to save victims trapped by two massive shakers

(Newser) - The final death toll in two massive Indonesia earthquakes may reach into the thousands as rescuers scramble to free victims still trapped in crushed buildings. "We need aid as soon as possible. We need food and medicine. Our houses have collapsed," said a resident of the bustling port... More »

More Quakes Slam Indonesia, Still Counting Its Dead

Witness describes crumbled, burning wreckage in Padang

(Newser) - Indonesia, still counting the dead and searching for the missing from yesterday’s 7.6 earthquake, was rattled by two more earthquakes this morning local time. The US Geological Survey recorded a 6.8 quake 140 miles from Padang, the western Sumatran city nearest yesterday’s epicenter; just 20 minutes... More »

7.5 Tremor Hits Indonesia

Sparks new tsunami alert and causes buildings to sway in Singapore

(Newser) - A 7.5-magnitude aftershock has rocked Indonesia, sparking a new tsunami alert and making buildings sway in nearby Singapore. This morning's 8.4 quake killed at least 5, injured dozens and sent people fleeing inland for safety. Governments issued alerts as far as Kenya and Tanzania warning people to abandon... More »

6 Stories