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Iraqi Forces Claim Huge Victory Against ISIS

Military says it's now in control of Ramadi

(Newser) - Iraqi forces have reclaimed the central government compound in the city of Ramadi from ISIS, marking what a US commander says is the greatest achievement yet from a force that fled the city in May . The military says it's now in complete control of the compound, which marks the... More »

Pentagon Wants New Base in Iraq

500 more troops to be sent as focus shifts to Ramadi

(Newser) - Instead of trying to help Iraqi forces recapture the city ISIS seized a year ago , the US has decided to focus on helping them capture the city militants seized less than a month ago . Ramadi is the capital of Anbar province, and the White House is expected to approve a... More »

Iraq Begins Fight to Retake What ISIS Grabbed

New operation begins in Anbar province

(Newser) - Details remain scarce, but Iraq today announced that it has started a military operation aimed at pushing ISIS out of Anbar province, home to the provincial capital of Ramadi—which ISIS seized less than two weeks ago even as coalition airstrikes rained down around them. In high-profile comments Sunday, Defense... More »

Pentagon Boss: Iraqis Had 'No Will to Fight' ISIS

Forces weren't outnumbered, just didn't try hard enough: Ash Carter

(Newser) - Last week's fall of Ramadi to the Islamic State was more a reflection of Iraqi weakness than ISIS' strength, says the US defense secretary. "What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight," Carter tells CNN in an interview today. "... More »

Al-Qaeda: 'We Declare Fallujah an Islamic State'

It's another sign that Syrian war is affecting entire region

(Newser) - Battles are raging today in Fallujah and Ramadi, the two biggest cities in Iraq's Anbar province, between government troops and Sunni militants under the banner of the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel faction known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. After days of fighting—which began when Nouri al-Maliki... More »

Insurgents Storm Iraqi Cop Compound

7 killed as suicide bombers battle anti-terrorism station

(Newser) - Iraqi insurgents stormed a police station in Ramadi yesterday, triggering a firefight that killed at least seven people. The attack followed several car bombings throughout the city. The compound houses an anti-terrorism unit and a prison, reports the BBC. Attackers moved in after two suicide bombers who had infiltrated the... More »

23 Killed in Twin Iraq Bombings

Suicide attack targets Anwar province governor

(Newser) - At least 23 are dead and 30 are wounded in the Iraqi city of Ramadi in twin bombings today that targeted the governor of Anbar province, the Daily Telegraph reports. A car bomb exploded near a security checkpoint by the governor's offices, and 30 minutes later a suicide bomber on... More »

Huge Car Bomb Kills 40 In Eastern Iraq

Dozens of casualties still without medical attention

(Newser) - A car bomb ripped through the Iraqi city of Baquba today, leaving at least 40 people dead and more than 70 injured, Reuters reports. The bomb went off near midday outside a restaurant that faces the city's main courthouse. Only a short while later a second bomb went off in... More »

SEAL's Sacrifice Wins Medal of Honor

Sniper who smothered grenade hailed for saving lives of fellow service members

(Newser) - A Navy SEAL who dove on a live grenade to save comrades' lives in Iraq received the Medal of Honor today, the Navy Times reports. Michael Monsoor's parents, George and Sally, received the nation's highest combat honor from President Bush, who wept during the ceremony. Monsoor, 25, died Sept. 29,... More »

Military: AP Photog Linked to Insurgents

New evidence surfaces implicating journalist held since 2006

(Newser) - The US military says it has evidence that an Iraqi photographer who works for AP is connected with the anti-American insurgency, CNN reports. Bilal Hussein Zaidon has been in custody since April 2006 and will face trial in the Iraqi court system. The Pentagon did not specify the charges but... More »

Key US Ally in Iraq Killed in Bomb Attack

Sheik opposed Al-Qaeda, helped stabilize Anbar province

(Newser) - A key US ally in the fight against Al-Qaeda was killed in a bomb attack today in Ramadi. Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the most influential of the Sunni leaders helping American and Iraqi forces fight the terror network, met with President Bush 2 weeks ago during his visit to Anbar... More »

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