Chris Crocker

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New Weezer Video Rules, Borrows From YouTube

'Pork and Beans' boasts 21st-century all-star cast

(Newser) - In less than a week, Weezer's video for the new single "Pork and Beans" has attracted more than 3 million viewers to YouTube—partly by featuring nearly that many existing YouTube sensations. Miss Teen South Carolina, aka Caitlin "the Iraq" Upton, appears, happily lip-syncing the catchy ditty, as... More »

Hysterical 'Leave Brit Alone!' Rocks YouTube

Teen-on-edge harangues haters

(Newser) - If it's a performance, it's better than Britney's. More than 2.8 million viewers have pored over an out-of-control rant by YouTuber "Chris Crocker" who smears his eyeliner as he sobs and screams at the "bastards" who aren't cutting Spears slack for the "hard time" she's going... More »

2 Stories