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For Some, Veganism Hides an Eating Disorder

Those who undertake diet to lose weight are at risk

(Newser) - For most vegans, their diet is a way to avoid animal products, but for some, it’s become a way to avoid food—period. Veganism is becoming more popular in America, where 5% of the population follows the no-animal-products diet. Most of those people are making a healthy choice, writes... More »

One Man’s Garbage Is Another's Thanksgiving

Movement fights waste by foraging for food

(Newser) - Folks looking for food in a back alley these days might be “Freegans” - that’s “free” plus “vegan” - who are “opting out of capitalism in any way that we can,” one says. Their New York trash tours have already trained 14,000 people,... More »

2 Stories