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Restaurant Chain Adds Surcharge for ObamaCare

Gator's Dockside in Florida charges customers an extra 1%

(Newser) - An otherwise nondescript restaurant chain in Florida is suddenly national news thanks to a new policy: Gator's Dockside has added a 1% surcharge to cover the costs of the Affordable Care Act, reports CNN Money . Participating restaurants aren't trying to hide it, either. "The costs associated with... More »

Banks Jack ATM Fees, Blame Reform

Chase is experimenting with a $5 fee for non-customers

(Newser) - If you’re far from an ATM belonging to your own bank, brace yourself to shell out a few bucks. Banks across the country are hiking ATM fees, reports. Chase, for example, is charging non-customers $5 to use their ATMs in an Illinois pilot program—and that’s... More »

Dems on Collision Course on How to Pay for Heath Care

(Newser) - Democrats in Congress are heading for an intra-party showdown over how to fund health care reform, reports the New York Times. The powerful House Ways and Means Committee is reportedly near agreement on an income tax surcharge of 2% or more on Americans earning above $250,000, which moderate Democrats... More »

Airline Eyes Charging for Toilets

Irish budget carrier may put coin slots on lavatory doors

(Newser) - Just when you thought the airlines had figured out how to wring every penny out of flyers, budget carrier Ryanair announced it was mulling a new fee: a $1.50 charge to use the toilets. The Irish airline's CEO said today he was considering "putting a coin slot on... More »

United Adopts $15 Checked-Bag Charge

Carrier joins American; industry passing oil costs to consumer

(Newser) - United Airlines will follow rival American Airlines in charging $15 for a first checked bag. The new fee was announced today, 3 weeks after American set the precedent. United says the fee affects customers who buy tickets beginning tomorrow for domestic flights Aug. 18 or later. More »

Cheap Flights, Passenger Perks Lost in Transit

Soaring fuel prices mean airline fees, shakeups here to stay

(Newser) - The days of discounts and perks on major US airlines have disappeared from the horizon, possibly forever, Marketwatch writes. The stratospheric fuel prices that caused three airlines to shut down last week alone are forcing airlines to boost their bottom lines any way they can. Capacity is being cut back... More »

Northwest Hikes Fares, Cuts Flights

Big carriers scurry to boost bottom line as small airlines go bust

(Newser) - Northwest Airlines is jacking up fares and fees and scaling back domestic operations, the Wall Street Journal reports. The airline, trying to deal with soaring fuel costs and a slowing economy without instituting pay cuts, also plans to freeze hiring. Northwest will keep adding international flights, but will add fuel... More »

Bank of America Ups ATM Charges

Non-customers will have to pay $3; other banks are likely to follow

(Newser) - Bank of America has raised its ATM surcharge to $3 for non-customers—and other banks' are likely to follow. That's the highest surcharge in America, and it affects millions, because BoA has the largest ATM network in the country, USA Today reports. Expect the hike to be contageous: "Banks... More »

8 Stories