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We Goofed on Petraeus Attack Ad: Times Editor

Public editor takes paper to task on 'personal' attack

(Newser) - The public editor of the New York Times slammed the newspaper yesterday for violating its own policies when it ran the now notorious "General Betray Us" ad. The ad, placed by MoveOn.org, was a personal attack on General Petraeus, which is prohibited by the Times standards for acceptable... More »

MoveOn Defends Ad, Dodges Furor

Attack on Petraeus pains Dems, but group is unrepentant

(Newser) - MoveOn's ad attacking Gen. Petraeus on the war in Iraq may have backfired, igniting a furor that united the GOP and flustered anti-war Democrats, but MoveOn founder Eli Pariser is unapologetic, writes Politico's Ryan Grim. Dems have worked all week to distance themselves from Monday's  full-page Times ad referring to... More »

2 Stories