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US Predicts Bumper Crops Will Ease Food Crisis

Record-breaking grain harvests worldwide expected to bring prices back down

(Newser) - Farmers worldwide will reap record-breaking harvests of wheat and rice this year, the US projects, and the news is expected to ease some of the worldwide concern about food prices. The USDA says good weather will bring bumper crops that will replenish depleted stocks, Reuters reports. Analysts warned, however, that... More »

Crisis Looms as Rice Prices Soar

Countries ban exports, chastise hoarders

(Newser) - Rice feeds half the world's population, but this year there isn't enough to go around and prices have risen by 50% over the last two weeks alone. Population growth is outpacing production, and stocks are at a 30-year low after droughts decimated harvests in China and Australia. Countries are banning... More »

Flour Is Costing a Lot of Bread

The rising cost of wheat is forcing bakers to increase their prices

(Newser) - Consumers are getting hit in the breadbasket as tight flour supplies push bakers’ costs higher, reports the Los Angeles Times. Wheat crop failures, the weak US dollar and more farmers growing corn for ethanol instead of grain have more than doubled the price of a 50-pound bag of flour to... More »

Beer and Pizza Getting Pricey

Rising fuel and ingredient costs affect traditional cheap eats

(Newser) - Even cheap foods like pizza and bagels are getting pricey these days over a mix of inflationary pressures, MSNBC reports. Last year's shocking 4% food price hike was driven by more than gas prices, one analyst says: It's diesel that fuels the trucks and trains that transport goods. "It's... More »

Afghans Facing Food Crisis

Minister pleads for wheat from international community

(Newser) - Afghanistan is facing a critical food shortage and is appealing to the world to send extra wheat, the BBC reports. "The situation is serious," warned the nation's commerce minister. Afghanistan relies on food imports, and the rising price of grain on world markets is triggering a national hardship.... More »

5 Stories