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UAW Overwhelmingly Backs GM Concessions

(Newser) - United Auto Workers members have ratified a package of concessions designed to reduce General Motors' labor costs. Union president Ron Gettelfinger said today 74% of GM's production and skilled-trade workers voted in favor. The vote comes before the company's expected Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing Monday. Bankruptcy experts say having... More »

UAW, Republicans Blame Each Other on Bailout

Gettelfinger says he felt he was being 'set up'

(Newser) - The UAW and opponents of the failed Detroit bailout blamed each other today for the impasse, the New York Times reports. GOP Sen. Bob Corker says the rescue plan could have been salvaged if the UAW had listened to him. "I offered him a solution," he said of... More »

Obama: Dark Days Ahead, but Cultural Focus Will Re-Emerge

Condi makes rounds; UAW pleads for bailout

(Newser) - Barack Obama stressed that the economy will see darker times before things turn around, but promised in a Meet the Press interview that his White House will bring back a focus on culture and science. The president-elect also vowed to kick his smoking habit for good. Elsewhere on the talk... More »

UAW Bends to Boost Bailout

Concessions meant to help Big Three win financial help from feds

(Newser) - The United Auto Workers agreed today to concessions that may help Detroit get $34 billion in federal assistance, the Detroit News reports. The union’s job bank—which pays eliminated employees 95% of their base salaries—will be suspended, and the UAW will delay billions in payments to its health... More »

Auto Worker Powerhouse Doug Fraser Dead at 91

Ex union boss helped save Chrysler from ruin

(Newser) - Former United Auto Workers president Doug Fraser, who played a vital role in saving Chrysler from bankruptcy, died yesterday at age 91. The cause of death was unknown, but Fraser had been suffering from emphysema, the Detroit Free Press reports. As UAW president during the ’70s and ’80s,... More »

UAW Ratifies Chrysler Contract

Workers approve deal by narrow majority

(Newser) - The UAW said today that its employees had approved a four-year contract with Chrysler by the thinnest of margins, the Wall Street Journal reports. The union said 56% of production workers and 51% of skilled trade workers voted in favor of the deal, despite significant dissent among workers. The UAW... More »

UAW Shifts to Hard-Up Ford

As Chrysler ratification nears, toughest talks yet to come

(Newser) - With the United Auto Workers close to ratifying their contract with Chrysler, the union is shifting focus to hammering out a deal with Ford. Negotiations with Ford may prove the toughest of all because Ford is the domestic car maker most in need of cuts, reports the Wall Street Journal.... More »

OK on Chrysler Pact ThisClose

Workers at four plants vote yes, tipping the scales

(Newser) - Auto workers at four Chrysler plants voted by significant margins to approve a new labor contract yesterday, increasing the likelihood of final ratification by the company's 45,000 workers, despite rejection at several plants. The last vote, at a small-car plant in Illinois that employs 3,000 workers, is scheduled... More »

Struggle to Ratify Chrysler Deal

Some local UAW leaders unhappy with new contract

(Newser) - The proposed contract between Chrysler and the United Auto Workers has caused some division within the union and may not be ratified as quickly  as the deal with General  Motors, reports the Detroit Free Press. The council of local leaders who voted to approve it yesterday in Detroit were not... More »

UAW Targets GM on Contract

Car giant chosen as lead company in crucial talks

(Newser) - The United Auto Workers have chosen General Motors to be the lead company in negotiations on contracts set to expire tonight, adding pressure to strike a deal the UAW will then try to impose on Ford and Chrysler. The union chose GM because it's in the best financial shape of... More »

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