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Ben Carson Stands by Unusual Theory on Pyramids

He says Joseph built them to store grain

(Newser) - While some candidates may flip-flop on the issues, Ben Carson—now the most-liked candidate of both parties, per the latest Gallup poll —is steadfast when it comes to one particular puzzle: the Egyptian pyramids. Back in 1998, the good doctor gave a commencement address at Andrews University, a school... More »

China Buys 7.4M Acres of Ukraine

Will farm an area roughly the size of Massachusetts

(Newser) - As demand for food grows in China— and farmland shrinks —the country has signed a deal with Ukraine that will eventually see it plowing into 3 million hectares (that's about 7.4 million acres) of the Ukrainian farmland. China will initially receive 100,000 hectares—an area about... More »

Farm Exports to Drop $1B Over Drought

But one expert thinks the 1-year dip won't matter much

(Newser) - The nation's top agricultural negotiator said he expects farm exports to drop between $1 billion and $2 billion, though he doesn't think the one-year dip will drive away international buyers in the long run, reports the AP . Isi Siddiqui says the drought is to blame—less grain means... More »

End to Drought Could Come in ... October

Corn, soybean prices reach record highs

(Newser) - The worst drought in decades shows few signs of letting up; in fact, it could stretch through October and get even worse, according to weather officials. Following the hottest half-year ever recorded, "we don't have a reason for saying it's going to improve," notes one. "... More »

3 Dead in Massive Kansas Explosion

Grain elevator blowout felt 4 miles away, creates huge fireball

(Newser) - A large explosion at a Kansas grain elevator yesterday killed at least three people, injured two others, and has at least three more missing, reports the AP . Officials say the explosion occurred around 7pm in the northeast Kansas town of Atchison, sending a massive fireball so high into the sky... More »

You'll Be Paying More for Bread Soon

Blame parched Russia, which is stopping wheat exports

(Newser) - Russia today said it would ban wheat exports for the rest of the year amid a brutal drought, sending prices for the grain soaring to their highest level in two years. The upshot is that US shoppers will likely have to pay a bit more for bread, cereal, or pasta... More »

Indian State Recommends Eating Rats

Adding rodents to menu pushed as solution to food crisis

(Newser) - Faced with high food prices and ebbing grain reserves, officials in the Indian state of Bihar have endorsed the consumption of rats, Reuters reports. The state government sees the strategy as a way to reduce the pest population as well as curb the demand for grain, and has even proposed... More »

Producers Quick to Pass Price Hikes Down Food Chain

Pricier grain, energy make everything more expensive, from cereal to meat

(Newser) - Soaring grain and energy costs are driving food prices skyward, and big producers are moving to pass price hikes down the food chain to consumers on everything from cereal to meat, the Wall Street Journal reports. And costs won’t likely decrease, with biofuel demand eating up more corn than... More »

Floods Ruin Midwest Economy

Food prices repercussions will be felt around the state

(Newser) - The floods ravaging the Midwest are taking a catastrophic toll on the region's farmers, and consumers across the country will feel the pinch in higher food prices, MSNBC reports. Even if waters recede quickly, farmers will lose a sizable chunk of the season—they need about 120 growing days—and... More »

Grain Prices Surge With Midwest Floods

Water inundating heartland expected to drive food, oil prices still higher

(Newser) - The floods inundating the Midwest are pushing grain prices to new highs, the Wall Street Journal reports. Corn prices jumped 10% to a record high last week as farmland flooded. The domino effects will hit the ethanol industry, hog farmers, and even owners of catfish ponds who rely on corn... More »

Corn May Be Recipe for Disaster

Drought would ripple through US economy

(Newser) - The US is becoming so dependent on corn that a drought would have catastrophic effects that would ripple throughout the economy, reports the LA Times. Corn is essential as staple livestock feed, artificial sweetener, and a basic component of ethanol. A "corn shock" could lead to $5 gas and... More »

Pork Shortage Plagues China

Beijing dips into pork preserve to avoid crisis

(Newser) - Pigjacking is China's latest crime. Sounds like a joke? Crooks are scoffing the swine thanks to a boom economy and a pig shortage that has hogs highly valued. With a record winter storm stranding thousands and sparking unrest, Beijing is dipping into its official pork preserve—hoping to calm a... More »

Market Forces Conspire Against English Breakfast

Cost of traditional meal soars with grain prices

(Newser) - Soaring wheat prices are rippling across the British economy and hitting hard in a very important place: the kitchen. The cost of a traditional full English breakfast is on the rise, reports the Times of London, thanks in large part to the price of the grain, which is integral not... More »

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