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AirAsia Searchers Close In on Black Box Pings

At site 2 miles from where tail piece was recovered

(Newser) - Searchers combing the Java Sea for AirAsia wreckage are closing in on pings they're pretty sure are coming from the doomed plane's black boxes. Three Indonesian ships detected two sets of signals, which the AP describes as "intense," about two miles from where divers yesterday found... More »

So Where Are the Black Boxes?

Conflicting reports swirl about them

(Newser) - Malaysia Airlines Flight 17's black boxes are key to the crash investigation—so where are they? Good luck with that. The New York Times reports that the voice and data recorders have been taken from the crash site, but after that it gets confusing. There's all kinds of... More »

Jet Search: Pings Have Gone Silent

Submersible ready to investigate underwater, but field of search needs to be narrowed

(Newser) - When an Australian ship heard pings possibly from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, officials saw a big lead open up in the search—but since then, investigators haven't been able to recapture the signal, Reuters reports. That's particularly worrying since the batteries on the jet's black boxes have... More »

Pings 'Consistent With Black Boxes'

Search chief: This is best Flight 370 lead yet

(Newser) - With time about to run out in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's data recorders, authorities say they've had what appears to be the best lead yet. Officials say an Australian vessel has detected pings consistent with the signals from aircraft black boxes, the BBC reports. The... More »

Ships Race Toward 'Pings' ... as Batteries Fade

(Newser) - Searchers hunting for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet raced toward a patch of the southern Indian Ocean today to determine whether a few brief sounds picked up by underwater equipment came from the plane's black boxes, whose battery-powered pingers are on the verge of dying out. Ships scouring a... More »

Jet Search Moves Underwater

Ships may only have a few days to find black boxes

(Newser) - Two ships have begun a race against time to try to find the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 before the data recorder's battery-powered pinger ceases transmission. An Australian navy ship towing a pinger locator and a British survey vessel are searching a 150-mile track where the plane... More »

Jet Search Turns to Black Boxes—Amid Protests

Bad weather halts search for debris

(Newser) - With the news that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean with all lives lost , searchers are now in a race against time to recover the aircraft's black boxes before the battery signal is lost, possibly in less than two weeks from... More »

Jet Searchers Spot 'Circular,' 'Rectangular' Objects

They could be retrieved as early as today

(Newser) - Are searchers finally closing in on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane? A number of objects were spotted today, after several reports of possible debris spotted over the weekend:
  • An Australian plane saw an "orange rectangular object" and a "gray or green circular object" in the southern Indian Ocean
... More »

Pilot 'Deliberately' Crashed Plane, Killing 33

Mozambican Airlines pilot locked door, took plane down

(Newser) - A Mozambican Airlines plane that went down in Namibia last month, killing all 33 aboard, was no accident according to preliminary investigations. With the co-pilot in the bathroom, pilot Hermino dos Santos Fernandes locked the cockpit door, reports the AP , then "made a deliberate series of maneuvers" that systematically... More »

Recordings Recovered From Crashed Air France Jet

Investigation among most complex and expensive in history

(Newser) - French investigators have recovered all the flight data and cockpit voice recordings from the recorders of an Air France jet found in the Atlantic nearly two years after it crashed, they said today. The recorders were located by underwater robots and hoisted from depths of some 13,000 feet earlier... More »

France to Hunt Again for Vanished Rio-Paris Flight

Fourth search for Flight 447's black boxes to begin in February

(Newser) - The French government will conduct a fourth search for the flight recorders of the Air France jetliner that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris 18 months ago, it announced today. The initial search for Flight 447 found 50 bodies and hundreds of pieces... More »

Ethiopian Jet's Black Box Recovered

Plane had crashed outside Beirut in Jan. 25 thunderstorm

(Newser) - Lebanon's marine commandos today recovered the black box of the Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed into the Mediterranean last month, a Lebanese army officer said. The Boeing 737 crashed Jan. 25 minutes after takeoff from Beirut during a fierce thunderstorm. All 90 people on board died. The officer said the... More »

Yemenia Air Black Boxes Too Deep for Divers

Search continues as France sends searcher robots to Comoros

(Newser) - Investigators have concluded that the black boxes from Yemenia Airways Flight 626 that plunged into the Indian Ocean are too deep to be reached by divers, a French official said today. French investigators are trying to determine the exact zone where the boxes can be found using equipment that allows... More »

Sub Reports Signal from Yemenia Black Boxes

No word on when data recorders will be recovered from ocean

(Newser) - A submarine has located the black boxes from Yemenia Flight 626 in the Indian Ocean, a French investigative agency said today. Divers and search crews are still working to find debris from the plane, and have recovered parts of the fuselage, reports the AP. Officials did not say when the... More »

Computer Crash May Have Doomed Air France Flight

Crash raises questions on if today's pilots can cope with computer failure

(Newser) - Investigators trying to piece together the fate of Air France Flight 447 in the absence of its black boxes are focusing on possible computer failures, the Wall Street Journal reports. The evidence suggests a problem with the sensors quickly snowballed into widespread computer outages, leaving the crew struggling to manage... More »

Signals Detected, but Officials Deny They're Flight 447's

Submarine sent to probe ocean floor

(Newser) - Rescuers are hot on the track of signals picked up deep in the Atlantic that could be from one of Air France Flight 447's black boxes, Le Monde reported today, but a French official denied that the signals could be originating from the doomed plane's flight recorder. “The black... More »

Air France Tail Found

(Newser) - Brazilian searchers found a large tail section from an Air France jet today, one of the biggest pieces yet recovered from wreckage that could help narrow the search for Flight 447's black boxes. A US Navy team is bringing in high-tech underwater listening devices to detect pings from the data... More »

Intense Winds May Have Doomed Plane

(Newser) - Extremely high winds may have set off a chain reaction of mechanical problems that took down Air France Flight 447, the Wall Street Journal reports. The series of automated messages sent by the plane, typically intended to alert maintenance crews to mundane issues, reveal a cascade of failing systems—flight-control... More »

Jet Likely Broke Apart in Mid-Air

(Newser) - The first Brazilian navy ship arrived on the scene where Air France flight 447 is thought to have gone down, but aviation officials aren't holding out much hope of finding the black boxes, reports the BBC. "We cannot rule out that we will not find the flight recorders,"... More »

Air France Black Box Recovery Could Take Months

Key devices could be beyond reach of deep-sea divers

(Newser) - The black boxes from the missing Air France jet are crucial to determining what brought the plane down, but locating the devices could present the most daunting challenge since the Titanic mission, Reuters reports. “You are looking for a needle in a haystack,” said one industry specialist, guessing... More »

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