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Prof: We Need Laws to Check Google's Power

He thinks it's too easy for company to sway elections

(Newser) - The Washington Post explores a provocative question about Google in its Outlook section tomorrow: Do we need laws in place to safeguard against the company deliberately manipulating elections? It may sound far-fetched on the surface, but the story follows the experiments of psychologist Robert Epstein, who showed that it's... More »

Oh Crap, Now Romney Has Google 'Dirty Name' Problem

'To defecate in terror' new definition, says

(Newser) - First came Spreading Santorum , Dan Savage's crude attempt at redefining Rick Santorum's name on Google after Santorum said some crude things about gay people. Now comes Spreading Romney , a similar attempt to redefine Mitt Romney's name on the Internet—as a verb, meaning "to defecate in... More »

Google Search for 'Murder' Turns Up Abortion Entry

Anti-choice pranksters manipulate the results

(Newser) - Some tech-savvy opponents of abortion have manipulated Google's search results to send a message. As of this morning, the search for the word "murder" turns up the Wikipedia entry for abortion in the No. 2 slot, notes Jezebel . No word from Google yet, which has been working to make... More »

Lefties Plot GOP Google Bomb

Daily Kos seeks to send negative stories to top of rankings

(Newser) - Look out, GOP: You're about to get Google-bombed. Liberal activist and Daily Kos honcho Chris Bowers is targeting 98 Republican House candidates in a Google campaign ahead of November's elections. He's urging the blog's readers to find potentially damaging news stories about the candidates and help push them up Google's... More »

Sarkozy Gets Google Bombed

French president apparently not too popular right now

(Newser) - Thousands of Google bombers have made their feelings about French president Nicolas Sarkozy known: He's a "trou du cul." That's "a crude French anatomical phrase," according to the Telegraph ; Urban Dictionary is more to the point: It means "a**hole." Search for the phrase on... More »

Video Sparks Hacker War vs. Scientology

Embarrassing Cruise clip disappears; mayhem ensues

(Newser) - After the Church of Scientology removed a video of Tom Cruise calling his religion a “blast” from YouTube, the Internet world declared war. Hackers have been furiously shutting down and “Google bombing” Scientology's website while free-speech protesters gather and pranksters send white powder in envelopes to LA-area Scientology... More »

Feeling Lucky? 'Google Bomb' Polish Prez

Computer-savvy critic faces 3-year jail term for insulting head of state

(Newser) - A Polish man who insulted the president by manipulating Google's search results may get a lot of time to think about what he's done—3 years behind bars. A hacker identified only as "Marek W." made president Lech Kaczynski's homepage the top match for a vulgar term for... More »

7 Stories