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Mitt Laments 'Sheik' Temple Tragedy

It was the end of a long day: spokesman

(Newser) - You say "Sikh," Mitt Romney says ... "sheik." The campaigning candidate yesterday lamented the mass shooting inside a Wisconsin Sikh temple, but he mistakenly used the Arab Muslim honorific instead. “We obviously have challenges around the country. I was in Chicago earlier today. We had a... More »

Arab Royal Filmed Torturing Man

Smuggled tape shows sheikh beating, whipping man before running him over

(Newser) - A tape smuggled out of the United Arab Emirates and obtained by ABC News shows a member of the country's royal family viciously torturing a man. Uniformed police assist as the sheikh—the brother of the country's crown prince—tortures the man with whips and cattle prods, pours salt in... More »

Bedouin Tribe Claims Kinship With Obama

Nomadic clan cheers victory of 'Bedouin Obama'

(Newser) - A Bedouin tribe is northern Israel has claimed Barack Obama as one of its own, the Times of London reports. The sheik of the 8,000-member tribe said he realized the connection after his 95-year-old mother pointed out Obama's striking similarity to an African migrant worker who came to the... More »

3 Stories