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6 Inmates Kill Themselves After Prison Siege

Taiwan prisoners traded hostage guard for warden

(Newser) - After a desperate attempt to get out of prison alive failed, six inmates in Taiwan took the only other way out, authorities say. According to officials in Kaohsiung, the six men, led by a senior member of the United Bamboo triad gang, killed themselves at the end of a 14-hour... More »

Gas Blasts Rip Up Taiwan Streets, Kill Dozens

Hundreds hurt in Kaohsiung explosions

(Newser) - At least 24 people were killed and 271 injured when several underground gas explosions ripped through Taiwan's second-largest city last night, hurling concrete and cars through the air and blasting trenches in the streets. The series of at least five explosions struck a densely populated district where several petrochemical... More »

6.4 Quake Rocks Taiwan

12 injured in Kaohsiung quake

(Newser) - A strong earthquake jolted southern Taiwan this morning, causing widespread damage, at least a dozen injuries, and serious disruption to transportation and communications. The 6.4 quake was the largest to hit the Kaohsiung region in over a century, AP reports. At least 15 aftershocks followed within hours. Experts say... More »

Taiwanese Rally Renews Attempt to Join UN

Thousands march, but China's opposition likely dooms bid

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of Taiwanese took to the streets today to again seek a seat at the UN. The UN has rejected previous attempts to join under its official name, the Republic of China, so the island nation now tries to join as Taiwan. But the bid is certain to... More »

4 Stories