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Cop Said Subway Drugged His Lemonade. Now a Lawsuit

Owners say false claims from police have ruined their business

(Newser) - The owners of a Subway in Utah are suing for more than $250,000 after police claimed—falsely, it turns out—that a restaurant employee had drugged an officer's lemonade , the Washington Post reports. The arrest of an 18-year-old in Layton made international headlines last August after police accused... More »

Subway Is Traveling in Wrong Direction in US

The restaurant closed 359 locations in 2016

(Newser) - Last year, for the first time ever, Subway closed more US restaurants than it opened, shuttering 359 locations in 2016, Bloomberg reports. While that still left Subway with 26,744 locations in the US—more than any other restaurant in the country—it also came along with a 1.7%... More »

Woman Tracks Down Stranger Who Saved Son

He stopped boy from choking in Chicago Subway

(Newser) - It took days of trying, but Chicago mom Mary Graham was able to track down the stranger who saved her son's life in a Subway and took off before she could thank him. Indiana man Patrick Kissane was a customer in the restaurant Tuesday night when Graham's 2-year-old... More »

Subway Sues Broadcaster for $210M Over Chicken Story

CBC stands by accusation that chain's product is half soy

(Newser) - Subway and the CBC are continuing their game of chicken, and neither side looks to be swerving. The latest in the fast-food drama: The restaurant chain says it will file a lawsuit against the broadcaster for a story that claims Subway's chicken isn't 100% chicken , but halfway made... More »

Test: Subway's Chicken Has Only 50% Chicken DNA

According to a Canadian study

(Newser) - Here's an unappetizing number: Only about half the DNA in the chicken used in Subway sandwiches actually comes from a chicken, at least according to one analysis. A DNA researcher says that number, obviously, should be 100%. The CBC did a DNA analysis of chicken from various fast-food chains... More »

Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Sues Subway

She says VP was told about Fogle's interest in kids as early as 2004

(Newser) - Jared Fogle's ex-wife says Subway knew about his "depravities," and now she's suing the sandwich chain for an unspecified amount in damages, the Indianapolis Star reports. "I filed this lawsuit because I have questions" about exactly what Subway knew and when, Katie McLaughlin told reporters... More »

Cops: Subway Worker Didn't Drug Officer

Tests showed no drugs in drink, officer's system

(Newser) - An 18-year-old Subway employee has been cleared of charges two months after he was accused of drugging a police officer's drink . Tanis Ukena was arrested Aug. 8 in Layton, Utah, after a uniformed police officer who'd consumed part of a Subway drink and sandwich reported feeling intoxicated. Ukena... More »

Jared Fogle Claims He Was Punished for His Thoughts

And he wants his sentence shortened

(Newser) - Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle wants his child pornography sentence reduced, claiming that the judge who sentenced him was, in part, punishing him for his fantasies, TMZ reports. According to the New York Daily News , Fogle's plea deal called for a maximum sentence of 12.5 years; the judge... More »

Bloody Trail Leads Into Subway Restroom

Mary Grace Trinidad, 38, is accused of trying to murder newborn son

(Newser) - A Southern California transient is under arrest after apparently leaving her newborn baby in the toilet of a Subway restaurant's restroom, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports. According to police, a customer noticed the woman—later identified as 38-year-old Mary Grace Trinidad—bleeding as she left the restroom of... More »

Subway's $5 Footlong Just Got More Expensive

Classic subs now cost $6 before upgrades

(Newser) - Your Subway sandwich just got more expensive. As part of a new "Sub-maggedon" promotional campaign, the sandwich chain has proclaimed it will offer "ALL of your favorite classic footlongs" for $6 beginning Thursday and continuing throughout February—thereby sounding the death knell for its famed $5 footlong deal.... More »

Jared Fogle Sentenced to More Than 15 Years in Prison

His defense team tried to blame the Subway diet for his 'mild pedophilia'

(Newser) - Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle was sentenced Thursday to more than 15 years in prison for child pornography and child prostitution, TMZ reports. In addition, Fogle will pay $100,000 in restitution to each of his 14 victims and have a lifetime of supervision upon his release from prison, according... More »

Subway Employee: Fridge Door Locked Behind Me

Karlee Daubeney's case is finally going to court

(Newser) - A Subway employee says she's still suffering from anxiety after getting locked in a store fridge for eight hours last year—and now her story is getting its day in court, the Independent reports. Karlee Daubeney, 20, says she was working late last December at a Subway in Gloucester,... More »

Jared Fogle Had 'Amazing' Time With 'Little Boy': Secret Tapes

Shocking recordings document Fogle bragging about child sex

(Newser) - For more than four years, an FBI informant said she listened to and taped former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle as he talked about his desire for children, as well as his sexual exploits with them. Now Rochelle Herman-Walrond's recordings are about to be heard by the world when they... More »

Eaten at Subway Since 2003? You Just Won a Settlement

What happens when a footlong isn't a foot long?

(Newser) - Subway is back in the news over a controversial figure that appears in its advertising—and thankfully we're not talking about Jared again. No, this time the culprit is Subway's footlong subs that aren't always a foot long. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports a federal judge agreed... More »

In Unusual Move, Jared Fogle Pays Victims Before Sentencing

Checks for $100K have been delivered

(Newser) - In a move that US Attorney Steven DeBrota says he has only seen once before in his 25 years of dealing with child porn cases, prison-bound former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has paid restitution to most of his victims before sentencing. DeBrota tells the AP that $100,000 checks from... More »

Subway: We Failed to Act on 'Serious' Jared Complaint

Company says it reviewed more than 1M customer comments

(Newser) - Subway says it received a "serious" complaint about Jared Fogle years ago and failed to do much about it—but it didn't involve "anything about sexual behavior or criminal activity." A company spokeswoman says the complaint was received in 2011 from Rochelle Herman-Walrond, the informant who... More »

Franchisee: Subway Knew About Jared for Years

'He would just tell me he really liked them young'

(Newser) - Subway may have known about spokesperson Jared Fogle's alleged desire to have sex with children since 2008. At least, that's what the former owner of a Subway restaurant in Florida tells Business Insider . Cindy Mills, who was a Subway franchisee from 2006 to 2012, says Fogle started calling... More »

Jared Fogle's Foundation an Apparent Sham

Subway pitchman's charity didn't do its job, records show

(Newser) - Jared Fogle had something for minors, but it wasn't money: Turns out his foundation to help battle childhood obesity did little but raise the Subway pitchman's profile, USA Today reports. According to tax records, the Jared Fogle Healthy Lifestyle Nationwide School Grant Program spent an average of just... More »

'Jared Fogle Is a Monster': FBI Informant

Rochelle Herman-Walrond spent 4 years secretly recording Fogle for FBI

(Newser) - "I'm numb and I'm shocked. I'm relieved most of all," says the Florida woman who secretly recorded Jared Fogle for the FBI for four years, building up evidence that led to charges that will send the ex-Subway pitchman to prison . Per WWSB , Rochelle Herman-Walrond, IDed... More »

Report: Jared Fogle to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Subway says it no longer has any relationship with him

(Newser) - You won't be seeing Jared Fogle in Subway ads again—and you might not see him dining on anything but prison cuisine for a while, according to Fox59 . Sources tell the station that the former Subway spokesman is expected to plead guilty to possession of child porn and that... More »

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