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SF Crash Passengers: Plane Was Dangerously Low

NTSB recovered flight recorders; Facebook honcho was supposed to be aboard

(Newser) - Asiana Airlines Flight 214 swept in to land at San Francisco's airport at such a dangerously low altitude that passengers could see the ocean 10 feet below them. "I don't see any runway, I just see water," one tells CNN . Seconds later, the plane plowed into... More »

Air France Recorder Pulled From Atlantic

Investigators hope for clues in 2009 plane crash

(Newser) - On the heels of recovering the black box from the doomed Air France flight that fell out of the sky off the Brazilian coast nearly two years ago, French investigators have pulled the cockpit recorder from the depths of the Atlantic, reports the AP. It's not yet certain whether... More »

Air France Black Box Found

Submarine finds data unit 12,800 feet below surface

(Newser) - The missing memory unit of the flight data recorder of the Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 has been recovered, found yesterday by a submarine some 12,800 feet below the surface, reports AP . The discovery of the "black box"—a red cylinder partially... More »

Signals Detected, but Officials Deny They're Flight 447's

Submarine sent to probe ocean floor

(Newser) - Rescuers are hot on the track of signals picked up deep in the Atlantic that could be from one of Air France Flight 447's black boxes, Le Monde reported today, but a French official denied that the signals could be originating from the doomed plane's flight recorder. “The black... More »

6 More Air France Bodies Found

(Newser) - Six more bodies from Air France Flight 447 have been found, bringing the total to 50 even as authorities contemplate an end date for the search, the AP reports. Warm ocean water in the search area will speed up the sinking of bodies and attract feeding marine life, experts note,... More »

Evidence Points to Pilot Error in Buffalo Crash

Investigation insiders say pilot commands, not ice, sent plane into deadly dive

(Newser) - Early examination of the evidence has led investigators to believe that pilot error rather than a buildup of ice was to blame for the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. Investigative insiders believe the captain incorrectly pulled back on the controls as the aircraft... More »

Plane Plummeted 20 Times Faster Than Normal

Flight recorders found; cause of crash still unknown

(Newser) - Nothing went wrong on Flight 3407 until 26 seconds before the plane slammed into the ground. But in that time, it fell more than 20 times faster than normal, at one point dropping 800 feet in 5 seconds, the Buffalo News reports. Black box recorders found on the ground in... More »

Denver Crash a Mystery Again

Rattling noise heard just before plane veered off runway and passengers panicked

(Newser) - Indications that a problem with the landing gear, brakes or tires caused a plane to skid off the runway in Denver have proved not to be true, CNN reports. Voice and data recorders reveal bumping and rattling sounds moments before the crash, investigators now say. The plane's captain is recovering... More »

'I Knew We Were Going to Crash'

Survivors tell of aborted landing as investigators probe for clues

(Newser) - Investigators have begun sifting through the smoldering wreckage of a Thai airliner which broke in two as it landed in a severe rainstorm  on the popular resort island of Phuket. "I saw the grass and knew we were going to crash," recalled one of 42 survivors of the... More »

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