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815M Voters Begin World's Biggest Election

India's vast electorate goes to the polls in month-long exercise

(Newser) - An Indian electorate some 814.5 million strong is preparing to cast ballots in the world's biggest democratic election. Beginning in the northeast, the country will vote for its next leadership over the course of several weeks, with polls closing May 12, the New York Times reports. The vote... More »

'Palin Paradox': Male-Heavy Districts Elect Women

Congresswomen flourish in areas with skewed gender ratios

(Newser) - Alaska is reliant on male-dominated industries like mining and fishing, and the state has 106 men for every 100 women—the most gender-skewed state in the country, where the overall ratio is 86:100. Yet Alaska is one of just five states with an elected female governor, and one of... More »

Blue States Dominate, and Purple Gains Ground

Dramatic shift in electorate favors liberals: poll

(Newser) - Blue states are far bluer than red states are red, says a new Gallup poll. Party registrations favor Democrats—they lead by 10 or more percentage points in 29 states and the DC, compared to four states where Republicans dominate—suggesting that Dems can expand on ther gains they made... More »

If You Don't Know Who This Is, Don't Vote

Uninformed citizens should stay home, unpopular as the sentiment might be

(Newser) - Countless actors, musicians and other celebrities have volunteered their time encouraging young people to vote. But should they? ABC News anchor John Stossel quizzed voters on basic political knowledge at a registration-drive concert and in the nation’s capital. A shockingly high number of uninformed answers led Stossel to the... More »

Black Politicians' Rise Signals Changing Electorate

More white voters may be growing comfortable with black officials

(Newser) - A change in the electorate may be under way as a growing number of blacks are winning local elections nationwide—more and more often across color lines, the New York Times reports. Some 16% of black legislators represented mainly white districts in 2001; by 2007, that figure had nearly doubled.... More »

Look Who's Given Up on the White Male

Democrats dumped NASCAR dads in 2008

(Newser) - One constituency the Democrats have conspicuously not been courting this primary season is the blue-collar white male, and they shouldn't start any time soon, recommends Salon's Thomas Schaller. Bubba went to the other side in the late '80s and never looked back. The Dems didn't give up easily, but this... More »

6 Stories