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4 Years Later, Mystery of Knut's Death Solved

And the discovery could end up saving humans

(Newser) - The sudden death four years ago of Knut, the celebrity polar bear, shocked his fans around the world and posed a riddle for veterinarians. The 4-year-old bear died in March 2011 after suffering an apparent seizure and collapsing into his enclosure's pool in front of hundreds of visitors at... More »

Knut's Killer: Brain Disease

Viral encephalitis pinpointed in 'exhaustive' review

(Newser) - An exhaustive look into the cause of death of beloved polar bear Knut , almost three years after his death, has confirmed that a viral form of encephalitis, or a brain-inflammation disease, led to his seizures and eventual drowning . "But as there were no signs of disease beforehand there was... More »

Knut the Polar Bear Now Knut the Museum Display

Cuddly bear now a polyurethane model

(Newser) - Adorable in life, still attracting admirers in death: Knut the polar bear's hide has been mounted on a polyurethane body and is going on display in a Berlin museum. The Natural History Museum today unveiled the statue prepared by taxidermists featuring the famous Berlin Zoo bear's fur and... More »

Knut's Zoo Loses 2nd Animal

Six-year-old elephant Shaina Pali dies unexpectedly

(Newser) - Just two weeks after the Berlin Zoo lost star polar bear Knut, a second young animal has died. Indian elephant Shaina Pali died early today at age six—well short of the 80 years elephants can live in captivity, reports the AP. The zoo's vet thinks an infection is to... More »

Final Verdict: Knut Drowned

Cause of the brain swelling not known, says pathologist

(Newser) - The sad final verdict is in: Celebrity polar bear Knut died from drowning. But the four-year-old's collapse into his enclosure's pool at the Berlin Zoo was caused by encephalitis, according to a necropsy performed on the bear. The AP reports that a zoo pathologist said she could not tell what... More »

Knut to Be Stuffed, Displayed

Famous polar bear will go to Berlin museum

(Newser) - Knut spent his life on display in the Berlin Zoo, and in death he'll move to a museum. The famous bear will be stuffed and exhibited in Berlin's Natural History Museum, the New York Post reports, citing the Times of London. Even as veterinarians examined Knut to determine a cause... More »

Brain Problems Killed Knut

Berlin Zoo says he was otherwise fine

(Newser) - The mysterious and sudden death of polar bear sensation Knut is mysterious no longer. A necropsy performed yesterday discovered "significant changes to the brain, which can be viewed as a reason for the polar bear's sudden death," the Berlin Zoo announced today. The zoo wouldn't elaborate on what... More »

Polar Bear Knut Is Dead

Beloved polar bear had been a world sensation

(Newser) - Sad news from Germany: Knut, the world's most famous polar bear, is dead. The 4-year-old bear was found in his enclosure this morning, though the cause of death isn't known. Knut became an international sensation after being abandoned by his mother at the Berlin Zoo, then raised by human keepers.... More »

Happy 4th Birthday, Knut!

Zoo-goers celebrate Germany's favorite polar bear

(Newser) - Knut, Germany's favorite polar bear, has celebrated his 4th birthday with a lavish party at his zoo attended by about 250 people. Fish and meat were served in the polar bear's snow-covered, outdoor enclosure at the Berlin Zoo today, followed by a birthday cake shaped like the number 4. As... More »

Germans Fear Lady Bears Are Bullying Knut

Zookeepers say it's totally normal

(Newser) - When zookeepers moved Knut—the bizarrely famous Berlin Zoo polar bear—into an enclosure with his mom and two other female bears, they were hoping he might strike up some kind of romance. Instead, Germans now fear the girls are “bullying” their famous cellmate. One video recently posted online... More »

Knut Is Disturbed, Having Panic Attacks

Polar bear is imitating tourists, acting abnormally

(Newser) - World-famous polar bear Knut is suffering panic attacks thanks to his life in captivity, say scientists…PETA scientists, that is. Knut and Gianna, his companion at the Berlin Zoo, “are definitely displaying behavioral problems,” one researcher tells AFP . Among his apparent issues: Panic attacks, swaying to and fro,... More »

PETA Wants Knut Castrated

They worry about incest with comely cousin Giovanna

(Newser) - The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want Knut’s nuts. The group’s German branch is demanding the Berlin Zoo castrate the world’s most famous polar bear, lest he mate with his current cage-mate—and cousin—Giovanna, a 3-year-old female on loan from the Munich Zoo. “... More »

In Germany, Baby Rhino Is the New Knut

Baby rhinoceros rejected by its mother will be raised by humans

(Newser) - A rhinoceros born Sunday in Germany is poised to become that country’s next cute and cuddly animal sensation, Der Spiegel reports. The as yet unnamed baby rhino, already 128 pounds, will live at the zoo in the city of Münster and be raised by humans after its mother... More »

Knut Will Stay in Berlin

(Newser) - The Berlin Zoo’s prized polar bear, Knut, isn’t going anywhere, Der Spiegel reports. Officials there will pay $600,000 to a rival zoo to settle an ownership dispute. Given Knut's bankability as a bona fide world star, it's a bargain. The bear, not yet 3 years old, is... More »

Knut Needed Hug: Zoo Intruder

Unidentified man scales wall to get closer to polar bear in Berlin

(Newser) - A German man says he climbed over a Berlin Zoo barrier today because the polar bear needed a hug, Bloomberg reports. The unidentified man, 37, apparently believed the animal—which drew 3.2 million visitors last year—was lonely. “He wanted to keep Knut company,” police said. Knut,... More »

Berlin May Lose Knut to Rival

Polar bear under contract with different German zoo

(Newser) - The world's favorite polar bear may be bidding auf wiedersehen to the Berlin Zoo. Cuddly tourist attraction Knut actually belongs to the north German zoo his father came from, and a move is expected in the first half of 2009. "We entered into a contract which stated that the... More »

Polar Bear Twins Born in Zoo

First glimpse of tiny cubs

(Newser) - The mother of polar bear rock star Flocke has just given birth to twins at the Nuremberg zoo, reports Der Speigel. Zoo security has been ramped up to prevent over-eager paparazzi from frightening Vera and her tiny cubs, which are the size of guinea pigs. Polar bear moms eat their... More »

Heart Attack Killed Knut-Keeper

Autopsy rules out foul play

(Newser) - Berlin prosecutors said an autopsy today showed that Thomas Doerflein, the zookeeper who gained fame for hand-rearing the polar bear cub Knut, died of a heart attack. The city's mayor paid tribute to him for writing Berlin history. "Other causes of death, in particular involvement by another party, are... More »

Knut's Surrogate Dad Dead at 44

Police doubt foul play in death of Dörflein, long ill

(Newser) - Thomas Dörflein, the Berlin zookeeper who raised polar bear Knut after his mother rejected him, was found dead in his apartment today, Der Spiegel reports. He was 44. Authorities said there was no evidence of foul play; Dörflein had been very sick. The keeper’s contact with Knut... More »

Knut 'Doesn't Know He's a Polar Bear'

Overexposed to humans, celebrity animal is miserable

(Newser) - Poor Knut: The celebrity polar bear, no longer the ball of fluff who captivated animal lovers around the world, is miserable without human contact and doesn't realize he isn't a person. "Knut must go. As soon as possible," a keeper at the Berlin Zoo said of the 300-pound... More »

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