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Is bin Laden’s Death Pope’s 2nd Miracle?

John Paul II should get credit for the killing, Peruvian leader says

(Newser) - Pope John Paul II was beatified the same day special forces took out Osama bin Laden, and the president of Peru thinks it's no coincidence. Alan Garcia says the killing of bin Laden is the second miracle that the late pope needs to qualify for sainthood, CNN reports. The... More »

Nervous Peace Prevails After Peru Cops Quell Unrest

Curfew in place after clashes kill dozens of indigenous people, police

(Newser) - An uneasy peace has returned to northeast Peru after 3 days of clashes between indigenous people and security forces that left dozens dead, CNN reports. A curfew is holding, and both police and protesters say they want to settle their dispute through nonviolent means. The leader of the indigenous rights... More »

Cocaine on the Upswing in Peru

US attempts to quell trafficking stagnate in coca-based economy

(Newser) - Peru's cocaine business is growing again, sparking a spate of killings, threats, and US-funded attempts to stop it, the Los Angeles Times reports. Coca bush plots have increased by a third since 1999 to feed markets in Europe, East Asia, and Brazil—but growers are hard to collar because they... More »

Yale Returns Artifacts to Peru

Machu Picchu artifacts have been on display at Yale for a century

(Newser) - A group of artifacts taken from Machu Picchu almost a century ago for Yale's Peabody Museum will be returned, Yale and the Peruvian government announced on Friday. The collection to be returned consists of 380 museum-quality objects, as well as part of those in the research collection. Yale will grant... More »

4 Stories