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Official: al-Qaeda Intel Led to Flight Laptop Ban

Sources say terrorists are perfecting 'battery bomb'

(Newser) - A ban on US-bound passengers on flights on certain airlines from airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa bringing laptops, tablets, and cameras into airline cabins was prompted by intelligence about a possible terror threat, US officials say. Federal officials haven't been specific about the... More »

The First Curved Laptop Is Here

Acer's Predator 21x expected to cost more than $5K

(Newser) - With curved TVs in stores, it was only a matter of time before a curved laptop turned up. Revealed Wednesday in Berlin, Acer's Predator 21x is the first with a curved screen to go along with its two subwoofers, four speakers, five cooling fans, and a keypad that transforms... More »

Woman Wins $10K for Windows 10 Upgrade

Unwanted upgrade left her computer unusable

(Newser) - A California travel agent has won $10,000 from Microsoft after she says her computer attempted to download Windows 10, then became unusable. Teri Goldstein says she called Microsoft's technical support, read support forums, and visited a Microsoft store in August 2015 after her computer began to crash and... More »

Did Microsoft Just Unveil the 'Ultimate' Laptop?

Tech publications are already raving

(Newser) - During a Surface event Tuesday, Microsoft shocked the world—well, the part of the world that cares about things like Microsoft Surface events—when it announced the Surface Book, the company's first-ever laptop, Engadget reports. According to Wired , the device's screen can detach from its keyboard base to... More »

Screens Mess With Our Sleep—Even If We Get 8 Hours

'Blue light' affects melatonin levels, which can have dangerous long-term effects: study

(Newser) - Your iPad or smartphone could well be hurting your sleep patterns, even if you're getting in a full eight hours of shuteye, researchers say—and the effects could be long-term. Over a five-night period, researchers in Boston had some subjects read for four hours a night on an iPad;... More »

FBI Can Use Suspects' Laptop Cameras— With the Light Off

Bureau develops malware for targets' computers

(Newser) - If the FBI wants dirt on a suspect, agents are capable of turning on his laptop's webcam—without him knowing. The light won't go on, Gizmodo reports, based on a Washington Post piece. The technique, available to the bureau for years, is mostly used to fight terror or... More »

Computer Sales See Worst Drop Ever

Laptop, desktop shipments drop 14% in Q1 versus year earlier

(Newser) - Looks like Windows 8 is doing little to reboot the market when it comes to laptops and desktops. Global shipments of the machines plummeted 14% in Q1 compared to the year prior, analysts at IDC say, marking the largest drop since its tracking began in 1994. The figures have been... More »

Google's New Chromebook Is a Joke

Pundits can't believe the $1.3K price tag

(Newser) - Google unveiled its new touchscreen Chromebook yesterday, and it was not what anyone was expecting. Until now, Google's Chromebooks have been exceedingly cheap, but the Chromebook Pixel will cost a whopping $1,300—for a computer that can only run web apps. Here's what pundits are saying:
  • "
... More »

New Google Project: Touchscreen Laptops

Chrome-based devices to arrive this year

(Newser) - Google is at work on a new kind of Chromebook: one with touchscreen capabilities, the Wall Street Journal reports. The laptops should be out later this year, though the exact date is still unclear, as is the identity of the company handling the hardware. While sales of existing Chromebooks are... More »

How Apple Gets You to Touch Its Laptops

Each screen is angled at 70 degrees

(Newser) - Sure, you can mess with the computers for as long as you want—but Apple Stores aren't as casual as they seem. Everything is carefully measured, from the angles of laptop screens to employees' beard lengths. Every MacBook screen is calibrated—using an iPhone app, of course—to a... More »

What Gadgets Not to Buy ... Yet

Hold off if you can on TVs, iPhones, and laptops: Wirecutter

(Newser) - Good things come to those who wait, and technology is no exception. At the Wirecutter , Brian Lam lists a few hot items not to buy yet, or you'll be kicking yourself later.
  • TVs and home theater equipment. The reviews for the latest TVs will be available around mid-year, and
... More »

Laptop-Shooting Aftermath: Dad Gets 1K Emails a Day

Tommy Jordan, daughter Hannah Marie appear on 'Today'

(Newser) - Life has "changed a lot" since Tommy Jordan shot up his daughter's laptop and gained immediate infamy, and the dad says his family has been under "a lot of scrutiny" for the past month. But despite the fact that, "in hindsight," it may have been... More »

Welcome to the 'End of Shame'

Laptop-shooting dad heralds a new era: Meghan Daum

(Newser) - Remember the dad who shot up his daughter's laptop, posted the video on YouTube , and set off a fevered debate on why he was either the best or worst parent in the world? At the Los Angeles Times , Meghan Daum isn't much interested in hashing out those "... More »

Top 1% of Mobile Addicts Use Half the Bandwidth

And the gap is growing, new report finds

(Newser) - The most voracious mobile users are hogging the majority of the world's mobile broadband traffic—and the gap between them and non-power users is growing, according to a new report. Arieso, an English company that advises mobile operators, believes that the top 10% of mobile users generate 90% of... More »

Laptop WiFi May Ruin Sperm

But some experts are skeptical

(Newser) - Guys, you may want to keep that laptop at a safe distance. A new study finds that laptops using WiFi may damage sperm, Reuters reports. Scientists put drops of healthy men’s semen under a laptop downloading data; after four hours, a quarter of the sperm had stopped swimming. Only... More »

Flier Gets Back Stolen Laptop Via Craigslist

It was swiped from her checked luggage with Southwest

(Newser) - A Southwest passenger whose laptop was stolen from a checked bag got it back with a handy bit of detective work. After Ambre Boroughs discovered her laptop bag was laptop-less, she complained to the airline only to find she was out of luck, reports NBC Chicago . She then searched on... More »

Pervy Repairman Added Spyware to Laptops

'Hot steam' message prompted women to take Macs near shower

(Newser) - A computer repairman in California doubled up as a virtual Peeping Tom, adding spyware to the Mac laptops of female customers so he could photograph them undressing and showering, police say. Hundreds of thousands of images and videos have been seized from the computer of 20-year-old Trevor Harwell, who has... More »

Man Busted After Swiped Laptop Keeps Taking His Photo

Theft-tracking software reunites owner with stolen MacBook

(Newser) - An Oakland man has been reunited with his stolen laptop thanks to an app that took pictures of the slack-jawed suspected thief and captured his email address. Joshua Kaufman started a blog— This Guy Has My MacBook —after police told him that they couldn't follow up the case... More »

Google: Chrome Laptops Yours, for Just $20 a Month long as you're a student. They'll be leased to them first

(Newser) - Google will reportedly announce plans today to lease laptops sporting its Chrome OS to college students for just $20 a month. This “student package” will include both the laptop and a suite of online software services, a senior executive tells Forbes —and he indicates that the program is... More »

Prof Arrested for Closing Student's Laptop

Web-surfing student complains of finger injury

(Newser) - A professor who got fed up with a student surfing the Internet instead of taking notes has been arrested and suspended for closing her laptop. Frank Rybicki, a professor of mass media at Valdosta State University, was arrested for battery after the student complained that her finger had been hurt... More »

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