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Cops Pepper-Spray Dancers at Ballgame

Polynesians had traveled 200 miles to honor player

(Newser) - Want to host a Maori tribe dance anytime soon? Well, don't try it at a high school in Utah. A group of Polynesian men and boys spontaneously started a Haka dance at Union High school in Roosevelt, Utah, last week and met with an unpleasant surprise: police pepper spray... More »

Gauguin's Echoes Haunt Pacific Island

Serene Polynesian land draws modern Gauguins, artist's fans

(Newser) - Tucked into French Polynesia is Hiva Oa, the Marquesan island that French painter Paul Gauguin made his home 100 years ago. Remnants of Gauguin litter the remote settlement of 2,000 people, as do heaps of skulls left from its violent past. But today, Hiva Oa serves as a serene... More »

11,000 People With No Place to Go... Yet

Global warming will put Polynesian island underwater in 50 years

(Newser) - Legal experts are debating what to do with the people of Tuvalu, a Polynesian island state which will be underwater in 50 years if the globe keeps warming. Many residents have found homes in New Zealand but others have met resistance in Australia, where immigration is an election issue. International... More »

3 Stories