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Microsoft Looks to One-Up Dropbox

OneDrive now offers users 1TB of data

(Newser) - It's a new kind of Storage Wars . With services like Dropbox seeking business users, Microsoft is raising the stakes. To that end, the company today announced that users of OneDrive for Business, a Microsoft storage offering, will now get 1TB of space each—up from 25GB. Users of Office... More »

You Can Rent the Latest Microsoft Office

And feedback is generally positive

(Newser) - It's hard to get excited about Microsoft Office, but you may at least feel somewhat enthusiastic over the latest version out today : You rent it instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for it. You can pay $10 per month or $100 for a full year for an Office... More »

Microsoft Video Slams Snooping 'Gmail Man'

Pokes fun at Google for scanning your inbox

(Newser) - You’d never tolerate your mailman behaving the way Gmail does: That’s the message of a chuckle-inducing video—believed to be made by Microsoft—that takes direct aim at the email service’s advertising techniques. Mocking Gmail for scanning your inbox as a way to target advertising, the video... More »

Microsoft Office Enters the Cloud

Move ups competition with Google

(Newser) - Google stole a chunk of Microsoft's corporate customers when it introduced its web-only Google Apps, but now Microsoft is pushing back with Office 365. The company is putting its extremely popular Microsoft Office software in the "cloud," introducing the new online version this week. Customers will be... More »

Plug-in Syncs MS Office, Google Docs

Cloud Connect lets you work in Word, save online

(Newser) - Google has found a way for users to edit documents online without having to navigate a new application—bringing us a step closer to a cloud computing revolution. The search giant has built a plug-in for Microsoft Office that syncs it with Google Docs, TechCrunch reports. With the Cloud Connect... More »

9 Great Products Launched in Downturns

Recessions don't kill innovation

(Newser) - Who says the worst recession since the 1930s means you can't debut a great product? The Huffington Post lists 9 hugely successful ones launched in tough economic times:
  • iPod: Apple unveiled it less than 2 months after the September 11 attacks, amid the resulting recession.
  • Microsoft Office: Bill Gates launched
... More »

20 Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

Breaking down large goals makes them more realistic

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions to lose 20 pounds, clean out all your closets, and cut your grocery budget in half not quite working out? That’s likely because your goals are too large. Here are 20 tasks you can accomplish, all of which are “no more challenging than reaching... More »

Microsoft Office 2010: Worthy, But Not Worth It

Why buy what you can get for free?

(Newser) - The latest edition of the Fantastic Four of productivity—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook—is worthy but not actually worth buying, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate . Out next year but now available in a beta edition, Microsoft Office 2010 offers some definite improvements: It lets you preview how text or... More »

Microsoft to Give Away New Web-Based Office

Goes head-to-head with Google's online apps

(Newser) - Microsoft, the “king of paid software,” is going free with an online version of Office next year, Fortune reports. “The sleeping giant in Redmond has clearly woken up to the Internet threat,” writes Jon Fortt. Microsoft is risking “cannibalizing its own Office business,” but... More »

iPhone Word Processor App Needs Some More Editing

Quickoffice nice, but wait to buy: Mossberg

(Newser) - At long last, the iPhone has a full-fledged office suite that can edit, format or create Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Third-party app Quickoffice has some nifty features—including old-fashioned cut/copy/paste, which the iPhone itself hasn’t implemented yet. But it’s missing a number of features, writes Walter Mossberg... More »

Microsoft Will Sell Office By $70 Subscription

Annual fee aims to bring penny-pinchers, pirates into fold; includes software updates

(Newser) - Microsoft will start selling its Office software package on a subscription model in mid-July, the AP reports. Instead of paying around $200 for Office, consumers can pay $70 a year, with no additional cost for new versions. In addition to the Office programs, the subscription bundle—named “Equipt”—... More »

Microsoft Promises to Add Access to Open Format

Interchangeable ODF will be available in '09 update; European regulators still wary

(Newser) - Microsoft says it will allow documents created in a competitor’s interchangeable format to open in its Office 2007 software package by mid-2009, but European officials are taking a wait-and-see attitude, the New York Times reports. “We have heard a lot of promises from Microsoft, but as of yet,... More »

Web 2.0 Buying Will Hit $4.6B by 2013: Analyst

IBM, Microsoft likely to squeeze out smaller players in wikis, blogs

(Newser) - Spending on Web 2.0 technologies is ready to explode, according to a new report from Forrester Research. The market will reach $4.6 billion by 2013, the report predicts, as the technology starts to saturate the business world. To get there, it’ll have to jump an average of... More »

Microsoft Weighs Subscription Model for Office

Firm's core apps face Google competition

(Newser) - Microsoft is considering introducing a subscription-based business model for its Office suite of applications in the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm said it was launching a beta testing program, “Albany,” and expected to make the subscription generally available by the end of 2008. Microsoft’s... More »

Google Ups Ante in Office Software Fight Vs. Microsoft

Expansion of partnership with Salesforce puts Softy on defensive

(Newser) - Google and have expanded their partnership in customer-management and office software, the New York Times reports, in an ongoing competition with Microsoft and its Office suite. Salesforce’s software will be further integrated with Google’s applications—a milestone in the search giant’s efforts to challenge Microsoft... More »

Google Sites App Again Targets Microsoft Office

Program allows workgroups to create online media

(Newser) - Google hopes to make another dent in Microsoft’s productivity empire with a new application: Google Sites. The program lets workgroups create multimedia web content, and rivals Microsoft’s $1-billion-a-year SharePoint, the New York Times reports. It joins Google apps for email, word processing, and more in an assault on... More »

Microsoft Tries to Appease EU With Blueprints

But skeptical regulators say it's deja vu from US software giant

(Newser) - Microsoft plans to share the secrets of its most popular products, the company announced today, in an effort to satisfy EU regulators who want the software giant to improve its interoperability. The European Commission did cautiously applaud the move, but noted that Microsoft has already made at least four similar... More »

Microsoft Under More EU Fire

Company's push for Office approval in spotlight

(Newser) - Shortly after the EU announced two new antitrust probes focusing on Microsoft, investigators are scrutinizing the company again. In question this time is whether Microsoft broke antitrust laws during a push last year to get its Office software file format approved as an international standard, reports the Wall Street Journal. More »

Vista, Office Spur Microsoft to Huge Growth

23% gains in first quarter; new PC sales drive gains

(Newser) - Microsoft yesterday reported a 23% leap in net income and its best revenue growth since the dot-com boom, making it an isolated winner in a tumbling market. The announcement drove up the company's shares 10% in after-hours trading. The sales of new PCs with Windows installed helped drive the gains,... More »

IBM Challenges Microsoft Office With Free Software

Free software does many of the same things as expensive suite

(Newser) - IBM is issuing a new challenge to the supremacy of Microsoft's Office software, releasing a suite of free programs, called Symphony, that can perform many of the functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft just released Office 7.0, and one analyst speculates many users will switch to Symphony rather... More »

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