Ernie Chambers

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'Thou Shalt Not Sue Me!'

'God' responds to lawsuit, claims immunity

(Newser) - "God" has apparently responded to a lawsuit accusing Him of making terroristic threats against mankind. If that sounds like the premise for a Jim Carrey movie, well, one day it might be. Agnostic Nebraska legislator Ernie Chambers sued God in a county court for all the disasters He brings... More »

Senator Sues God for Disasters

Cites 'harmful activities' by 'omnipresent defendant'

(Newser) - A Nebraska state senator has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against God to "cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats." God is accused of causing "egregious earthquakes and horrendous hurricanes," among several other horrors. Politician Ernie Chambers says he's simply trying to... More »

2 Stories